Saturday, October 1, 2011

An answer

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Finally an answer to my long pondered question.. read "Yet another Onam" to know more..

I did a few research here and there (no I am very lazy to go to a library and explore so, I was Glued to google.. and researched.. there were many theories but this answer some what pacified me..

Here is the answer I took from a Website called “Haindava Keralam..”

The Story of Bhagiratha performing penance to bring River Ganga to the world is well known, a statue of the penance can be found in Mahabalipurm too.. This penance was to facilitate Moksha to his ancestors and also to protect the world from famine.  When Ganga flew in the world the force was very abundant (the reason why Lord shiva had to pitch in and help by carrying in his Jata Mudi). The overflowing Ganges immersed most of the land and so the sages, who were doing penance in the southern part of India including the part of Kerala prayed to Lord Parshuram to get the land back, hence he threw his axe from one part of Kerala (Gokarna), so from there to the place where the axe fell (hopefully Kanyakumari) the water gave way and the land emerged again, which is now called Keralam..

Also we need to keep in mind that India was not in the shape we witness now.. it was bigger and wider and different compared to the map we have now!!

This is the story of Parasuram finding or per say re-finding Kerala, the one that applied to my mind.. A feeling of happiness to have found atleast one logically satisfying answer.. :)

So, why am I pondering over this a lot..! I believe or the little God loving child in me believes that all these are true, even if they are myth.. they should be written by excellent story tellers with so much of twists and turns and cross-links, and so, it wouldn't lose logic.. !


  1. Kudos for researching to this extent KP... I loved the lines where you described "I believe or the little God loving child in me believes that all these are true, even if they are myth.." :)

    We all have those little ones inside our heart :)

  2. Ya.. Anand actually I couldn't sleep peacefully with out cracking this mystery at least to my hearts content.. We are all God loving than God fearing rite?

  3. Thanks for sharing this info... and I think it's good that India losed it area!! the present map of India is so beautiful. I mean no other country is this much good by looks in MAP!! India is beautiful from inside as well as in the form of map. Incredible India with incredible shape!! :)

  4. :) When we were kids, we used to fear God but then eventually that fear had turned into love, conditional love towards Him :)

  5. Myths are such awe inspiring stories which compel us to believe in them...whether it's plausible or not we rely on it sometimes as you said because it clear the doubts with such logical twists and turns...:-) Thanks for bringing in that made me to brush up my knowledge on that myth on my beloved state:-)

  6. Interesting..... well as there were lot of research done... about ancient India.. we like idiots believe what Max Mueller, who wrote things to please his patrons in Europe rather than actually write what was true...

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    Om Namah Shivaya
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  7. Hey Sneha - Hey.. I dont know what to say..! just for the sake of good looks in map, u feel relieved that we lost some places? that is not fair dear.. But i can see a very little kid in the comment.. cute..

    Hi Anand - I felt the same way!!

    Hey Nasnin - Glad to help dear.. as u said, we learn a lot from them..

    Hi Shashi - That was his personal view or let me say a just little reserched view.. glad he is not here now! Thanks for the visit and comment.. have a nice day!

  8. hi KP
    stumbled upon your blog :)
    Just wanted to add that there are lots of stories of Parashuram. After all, he is one of the 7 chiranjeevis(barring the unfortunate Ashwathama). I heard another legend of the creation of Kerala which goes like this:
    Mythology says that Kerala was created from the Arabian Sea and given to the Brahmins (Namboothiris) as a "donation" by Parasurama to save himself from the sins of killing numerous kshathriya kings. The land was full of forests and poisonous snakes were found in plenty. So the Brahmins refused to stay there. Parasurama requested Lord Shiva to provide a solution. Shiva told Parasurama to start worshipping Anantha the king of snakes. Parasurama did so and Anantha advised him to start snake worship in Kerala and provide some forest especially for snakes in the form of Sarppakkavu (Snake forests). Parasurama later installed the idols of Anantha and Vasuki at Vettikkottu (near Kayamkulam in Alappuzha district) and Mannarassala(near Harippadu in Alappuzha district) and started worshipping them. The Brahmins also worshipped Anantha and Vasuki and the pleased snake gods made Kerala suitable for living.

    got it from , but it does not have as much detail as the original story I heard. Supposedly, Parashuraman was praying to Varuna and Bhoomi devi when it all began.