Monday, May 30, 2011


"GOD and LOVE" the most debated topics of the modern world.. the existence of both is questioned and argued and proved and theorized. For me both are same, they exist 100% but not every one feels the presence.. I wonder at times what it would be like, if GOD appeared every time, we need him. He would become normal! we would say things like, "Come on God I didn't call you today! now go I will talk to you later..." lol

May be that is why his presence is felt strongly yet rarely by people... Love is similar...! Not everyone feels it.. People do say that they met... fell in love convinced their parents or eloped and got married but I challenge that a minimum of 75% of them would have asked to them-self at least once if it was really love?

There is a nice song in a Tamil movie where the lines goes as,

mudhal naal paartha vanappu
thuli kuraiyavum illai unakku
urakkam vizhiipil kanavaai
unai kaanbadhae vazhakkam enakku
aruginilae varugaiyilae
thudippadhai niruthudhu nenjam
mudhal mudhal indru nigazgiradhendru
nadippadhu konjam vanjamae

Well!! thats love...

Kakkai shiraginile nandalala ninran kariya niram tonrudaiye nandalala 
Parkkum marangalellaam nandalala ninran paccai niram tonrudaiye nandalala
Ketkum oli ellam nandalala ninran gitam ishaikkutada nandalala 
Teekul viralai vaittaal nandalala ninnait-teendum inbam tonrutada nandalala 

and this is devotion plus Love! ;-)

Yet I wonder..

Tossing around in my bed waiting for a peaceful sleep to embrace me, the wait is too long, its like seeking sunlight at night i don't find it any where and then all of a sudden I find myself thinking, Its funny, what kind of thoughts enter my peaceful head on this still night... i wanted to die.. Yes! i wanted death that moment.. I once wrote a short story about a girl committing suicide, I have not published that yet.. Still i remember that I enjoyed a lot when i wrote it especially the last paragraph when darkness seek ed her and she fell into a peaceful yet unending slumber...

Why cant i finish off like that it could be fun.... and I would get the privilege to know what lies beyond the end line of a race... But then after some moments my thought took a turn from 'I wanted to' to 'Why should I?' and I pondered for a reason well there is no life ending reason. So I take a moment and close my eyes and think for a second about the never ending beauty of the world...  World indeed is very beautiful.. I love everything in it.. in fact I love every thing I see in my life including the hot sun, polluted life... How else will we enjoy the beautiful rain without the hot summer? Clean meadow without a polluted road..

Lord Krishna said that everything in the world is materialistic.. and we should never stick on to it if we need eternal bliss. Live life like a drop of water in a lotus leaf... in my words enjoy the world for the moment and only for the moment and do not attach yourself to it. If that is so why would he create the world with so much beauty that it pulls us from death? the urge to live is found in every human being because "World is the best place to live in.." Yet I wonder... is this called MAYA?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Are cows jealous?

While on my way home from office.. I spotted a cow in the middle of the road... Its pretty simple here to see a cow on the road... besides the place had many.. cow sheds. My brother who was driving honked... the beast did not move or even look at our direction.. I asked my brother to go around the road like every body else.. but he wouldn't do that. So we kept honking at the cow.. and finally the cow moved away after what looked like an eternity... :o

It then did something unusual.. it kept staring at our car... i can feel the stare and see it from the rear view mirror until the car moved around the corner... and became out of sight for the cow..!!! This little incident made me think out loud.. and ended in an interesting conversation with my brother...

"So when a cow sees a car.. does it think that the car is another animal??"
"May be" echoed my brother.. First time in my life we both agreed on something..
"You think it gets Jealous seeing this another super animal (car) is bigger than the cow itself and also moves faster?" I pondered more..
"Duh! sister.. animals cant be jealous only human being have such feelings.."
Well I don't use much of Duh in my conversation.. but I like the way it sounds.. Duh Duh! nice, Oh i left the topic.. how easily does our mind wander....
I thought for a while and "Hey that is not true.. remember Tommy (our pet dog) he got all jealous when we got the new cat and never ate anything for 2 days..??"
"You got a point there sissy!! said my brother
"Oh ya... I am rite.. ! lol..! :-O

So is the cow jealous of a car??? we never know until we ask a cow.!!!do u know?  :-P

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bunch of Weirdos

I believe that each and every human being are weird... No no I am not saying different... yes of course all of us are different, like my grand father saying "no two fingers are similar" I accept that totally... But are we not weird too? I was talking to one of my colleague yesterday and this is what he said..

"you are weird... you talk to all of us very nicely.. (I hope he didn’t mean flirting.. ;-) ) but you never get close or let us into your circle of trust..."
"Oh I am not like that!!" I tried in vain to defend myself... Its really hard to oppose something that you know is true..

While I was rambling in my head about this.. my colleague walks off calling me "crazy.. lonely girl...!"

I am offended...
I walk behind him and say.. "Oh come on.. have you not seen any body else with distinct nature? like my loneliness?"
"No... I have not.."
"I have seen many.. even here.."
"Oh ya..! Name one KP... can u?"

I can name some...

"Passion over fashion"
This team mate of mine.. a very good guy with a weird pattern of talking slowly.. very slowly that we loose track of him in the middle.. that is common but there is something else about him.. his craze over fashion he buys a new T shirt every week...! Yes he does... every Friday the casual day we see him in a new t shirt.. He buys them every Thursday.. at times if he couldnt then he sends his friend to buy.. once he made the shop owner open the store again and buy one... What about him?

“I Google”
There is another one obsessed with Google... we call him the googler.. he googles each and every thing... whatever you say to him or ask him.. he googles.. He got so obsessed that last time I saw him type "Grandma 's lullaby for 2 yr old", "How to walk in a low profile fashion show hosted by your office?"

"Only yellow lays"
She is a very good friend of mine.. but crazy over Lays in Yellow wrapper or "Classic salted" lays.. I have never seen any one so obsessed with yellow lays like her, she does not eat any other flavor even if offered for free.. :-O
"Start Camera... Oh please"
This guy stands still and starts to pose every time a camera is around him.. it need not be a digi cam just a normal cheap mobile camera brings his sun glasses out and the posing starts.. We lost a team event we were competing because of his craze over photos and camera, he stops in the middle of the game to pose..!!! Every week he posts at least 5 of his pics in facebook.. His costume changes location changes even the glasses change but the pose remains the same... lol..

Phew... by the time I finished this, my colleague sat in silence, and after a long pause corrected me.. "Look kp they are all crazy over some thing but you are not... "
That really felt good...
"You are weird... crazily weird girl"

I am weird..!
Well may be I am...Though it never occurred to me before.. It seems I am…. I am so very picky with my friends, I can count my best friends with just a single hand. Its not that I like being aloof.. It is just that I feel that only those people understand me even without me telling.. and distinguish my fake laughs, lonely times and hidden meaning.. why is that so? well! I really really don’t know why...

I tried to convince him.. but…. he convinced me and walked off with a winning smile…