Sunday, October 30, 2011


 Occasionally a movie or a novel,
Strikes in the midway like a blow
It has my life written all over it!
The truth that was scared in the start
takes a brave front and laughs at me

The veracity that this life is an encore,
That this situation was faced already sinks in
Un-elated and gloomy I feel
My soul is just a hollow shell of a discarded life
that someone subsisted in a better way

My sacred pride of being unique and different
Stares and flings itself onto me,
Like undigested words thrown as echo by the muffled wall
It spits in unison that “I am common”
finally I comprehend the real implication of the word!

Thursday, October 27, 2011


They had known each other for more than ten to twelve years, from the late school years to the present times, they met occasionally once in an year in the maximum and all in a public gatherings, like a reunion or some special events in a common friends life. When they spoke, it looked like mere acquaintance, chit chatting lazily just for the sake of talking, but inside something stirred every time they met.

They both knew the inevitable, but never bothered to acknowledge it or delayed the acknowledgment. When a friend invites him to a gathering, he would carelessly enquire about the others who would show-up, the friend always mentioned her name with less importance, not because she was not pretty, but because he was not interested in her. But he would be there for sure, if she attended. She on the other hand never enquired but something told her of his presence at times, but she never took pain in dressing up for him, she wanted him to see her the way she is. 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Movie Magic

Courtesy: Google search
As we glided along with many others in the escalator, towards the movie theater in the 3rd floor of the mall, uneasiness was what I exactly felt, I hate those “Moving stairs” hate or afraid I am not sure, but I am sure that, he knows. I had tailed along near the elevator (lift) thinking that he would understand, but he was too busy to notice and walked on. 

Carefully I stepped into the moving thing but not so careful to attract attention, I looked and he had already moved up few steps, why does he walk when it does the work? We were nearing the theatre and memories flooded in me, our first visit to theatre, his excitement, his enjoyment, which I can visualize in front of me like in a HD TV. But he was restless and cursing under his breath, avoiding every eyes that studied us. While I was proud to walk along with him, he didn’t relish my company, like he used to do in the yesteryears. 

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Secluded, I tried to merge
Out of reluctance with that, which is scattered!
Lured by my discomfort I dwell into the lexis
It connect the dots that self-subsist
Determines my quintessence in-turn
As faceless entities they dwell around
Right inside and out, blending and not
Inspirited by the ordinal infiltration..
They unite, the soul and thoughts
Yet the Maverick spirit remain desolated

P.S:  This may not be an acrostic about Solidarity, but it’s about the solidarity of the soul and thoughts and how the spirit still remains deserted. So, what can we call it then?

Surprise doubled!

First it was Anand.. and now Sneha, that too within a month!!!
Thanks dear for the wonderful award..

Sneha is a bubbly girl, with honest post that are as adorable as she is! :) She also surprises with some wonderful serious topics too..Keep writing gal..

So the legendary 7 things about me.. let me reveal that I am as lazy as I can be.. :)  So here it is.. check this out only if you are interested.. :)

Thanks again Sneha.. its a wonder as of how you find time to blog along with your studies..

Monday, October 10, 2011

Unsung hero

 If only life were a battle field
You would have won it
With no armour or shield
Save by your uncommon wit

Territories would be conquered
With just your skill and brain
Though mocked even by kith and kin
That your intellect is just acquired

You left the battle field as unsung hero
You didn’t fight enough, they chatter!
Talents not showcased or bragged about,
Doubted is the intellect in your worn-out head

You walked head bowed down
For they didn't care to know
that you are a family man
who forgot to chase your precious dream..

Am I Versatile?

Am I a Versatile writer.. er blogger? I don’t know.. But my dear friend Anand thinks so… and I am extremely happy for that..!!! 
My first blogger award..!

Before I start, a few words about Anand's Musings.. they are refreshing and thought provoking and always read them with a cup of coffee.. don't know why! :) He says "Life is like that" and doesn't push it too hard either..

And as a rule, I am supposed to say 7 things about me and pass it on 
So here it goes, 

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Untold

I didn’t know why I accept Deepak’s request, I should have politely refused saying my job in Chennai was of tight schedule and I had no time. But things get complicated as we grow up, it becomes harder to refuse to siblings especially when it is an elder brother, and when I don't want to cut off the the link. "Relations are like paper as days goes, even a mild touch can break them" that is my papa’s view and mine too. Also, it was a sensible and simple request, go meet Niranjan get something for his one year old child, convey my heartfelt condolences for his wife’s sudden demise, go back to the hotel room, pack and off to Trivandrum, so, my work in Chennai would be completed along with my brother’s wish to soothe his best pal. I accepted.

Niranjan was not just Deepak’s best pal, he was also our family friend, but that was before Niru got Medical seat, and Deepak didn’t, he was cursing the forward caste of ours which is forward name sake only. But I secretly feel that even if he was of different caste, he wouldn’t have secured a seat like Niranjan.
When Niru went to study in Chennai they shifted from Trivandrum to Chennai and thus ended the link between the families, it is always like that when there is only one strong link between the families and when that link itself is formed by kids and when the parents don't care much.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

If our roads meet

The foot steps, the aura, the smell
Bred the familiarity ablaze
Forgetting the long said farewell
Glowing anticipation arose
Welcomed by the enigmatic smile,
I stare for, its picture perfect
I doubt reality, still you stand
Regretting the worthless fights

My face to you is a puzzle
and you turn away in disbelief
Leaving my heart in a dazzle
You move away fearing grief
Like a Greek goddess I remain,
Transfixed into a melancholic rock
Waiting for you to return when
Rejection or reconciliation is no bother!

Saturday, October 1, 2011


I have been thinking to write this for so long a very long time.. but somehow words failed.. or may be plain laziness I am not sure why..

Any way,  an incident provoked it.. A small incident.. here it is…

Although I don’t get very close or personal to many of my office colleagues, I do get along very nicely with them.. so, we.. a small group of ladies of different age went down for Ice cream.. 2 of them were married ladies, and among them there is one, I admire the most, I like her for her talent in work and also because of her uniqueness, she is married and behaves so too.. but being in a corporate world, she interacts very well with everyone, including guys, and I don’t see there is any problem with that.. we are not in the 60’s were it is unthinkable.. we are in a world were every one is equal.. So coming back to……. Ice cream, we saw a colleague (a male) and my friend invited him too.. since he was busy he politely refused..

An answer

Courtesy: Google search
Finally an answer to my long pondered question.. read "Yet another Onam" to know more..

I did a few research here and there (no I am very lazy to go to a library and explore so, I was Glued to google.. and researched.. there were many theories but this answer some what pacified me..

Here is the answer I took from a Website called “Haindava Keralam..”