Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Rebel?

Louder they croak, harder I shriek
Shielding my ears tight, praying for spare hands..
Where reasoning is a God made blunder
This is humanities extreme stupid peril

They create.. they demand.. they stuff it up my head..
They forget to follow it.. labeling it as rules
In it I lost everything I had.. gone and depleted
But it survived in the flimsy thinning paper
It stayed arrogant, bossing the mightier humans
In hands that are obscured to truth
They say abide by it, I shield more
shrieking higher until I hear or see no more

The allergic epidemic crawls up to me
They tagged me a rebel
I run away, correcting…
A rebel fights.. I reject..

Saturday, December 3, 2011

In Between


There was nothing new in the journey back home; it was just like every other day. While I was mechanically driving the car, she was calmly reading a novel. She had been reading it for the past one week, day and night that almost three fourth of it was already complete, but still she held on to it selfishly like a life jacket and read on. I had once asked her what is was about, and she said building a church. I was amused to see my wife, who can get bored by my analytical skill to be entranced by a book that talked about buildings and church; God was another thing that got her bored. She does bow down in front of the beautiful deities every morning, but never has her eyes filled with tears or her face bore a look of pain. She prays for the sake of praying, some habits die hard..