Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Rebel?

Louder they croak, harder I shriek
Shielding my ears tight, praying for spare hands..
Where reasoning is a God made blunder
This is humanities extreme stupid peril

They create.. they demand.. they stuff it up my head..
They forget to follow it.. labeling it as rules
In it I lost everything I had.. gone and depleted
But it survived in the flimsy thinning paper
It stayed arrogant, bossing the mightier humans
In hands that are obscured to truth
They say abide by it, I shield more
shrieking higher until I hear or see no more

The allergic epidemic crawls up to me
They tagged me a rebel
I run away, correcting…
A rebel fights.. I reject..


  1. Nicely Written!.Enjoyed!. Merry Christmas to U and thanks for Ur Wishes Dear.

  2. Rebel! You even rebel against that tag! A thought to ponder! Introspective! Beautiful intricate weaving of contemplation and elegant march of words! Sheer brilliance:)

    Wishing you a Merry X'mas and Happy New Year KP:)
    Lots of love:)

  3. An excellent depiction of a rebel from man made rigid rules that are Claustrophobic and oppressive.

  4. Bold and brilliantly penned! Bravo!

    Merry Christmas, dear :)

  5. I love these poems of yours- if you notice there are more than one like these, where you beautifully pen down one against the commons. A Rebel- of a kind.

  6. Powerful...and your penning always has something so unusual about them that they make me think always like very much!..Loved the whole thing..the way you put it about..and left a question..and answered in puzzle..

    Belated merry christmas and an advance new year..
    Keep smiling always :)

  7. Well written, challenging & thought provoking. Thank you Krishnapriya.

  8. A rebellious poetry!:)Happy New Year!

  9. I want dictionary to understand these lines..Finally i understand the meaing..This one take 15 minites for reading with understanding..Nice..

  10. rebel without a cause huh? you should read about che.