Monday, November 28, 2011



Sitting leisurely in the coffee shop for the past 45 minutes, time seem to slip out of my hands, but I hardly bothered.. I was alone but not lonely.. What is the difference one may ask.. Isn’t there a difference? I would reply.

The second black coffee was almost complete and I had already ordered for the third one, the boy who serves, was just peeping once in a while at my side, just to see if it was time to refill. It seemed to him that I was waiting for some one.. was I? I am not sure.. the wait had been for so long that I forgot for whom and what.. I just waited...

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Encounter

I might have been twelve then, a short skinny girl with shoulder length curly hair, the kind which can be seen often in cartoons. Every morning, mom used to put two easy piggy tails, which would curl up as soon as the comb leaves them, making me to look like the poor hideous dogs showed off by royal ladies, unlike my cousin, who was sixteen then, four years older than me and a model of beauty from every angle. She was everything that the family was proud of and me, the opposite. On holidays some relative would spot me in the muddy fields running behind some frogs and playing in the dirty water and they would drag me to my sober mother, who would worry out loud about finding me a groom. I never cared, romance was and is not my strength any way. My dad who visits us only once in an year, never took notice of this either. All of those cosmetics and beauty products that he brings would soon reach my cousin, and she would present herself to the mercy of them, making her look prettier, while I ran about showing off my tan wearing some long and loose shirt of my brother, that made me look like an inflated balloon when I ran. Any mischief in the family and hands would unanimously point at me, I was the villain and she the damsel in distress.

Saturday, November 12, 2011


So long has it been, so very long..
From the moment of coexistence
To this moment of weariness, we debate
Weren’t we bound with harmonious hope
Or was it an enlightening war from the start?

Felt a lurking pleasure to see your agony,
And gloated, for I am beyond mortal pain
I inflict upon you, the physical existence
By my power the senses, greed and desire
Yet I am pained!, I suffer! When you do..

I, the immortal force inside you, could feel earth,
So, let us burn together in this green hell
and rejoice, with remains washed away
There might be hope to glitter in and out
Or to subsist as charred remains of a distant existence

Better to perish once than
degrade and disintegrate every moment
my exquisite frame of life, join me,
Reconcile once more, like in the verge of birth
together let us know the unknown to be eternally unborn