Thursday, January 20, 2011

Human Brain works in a Very complicated Way!

For instance....!

Requirement - To forget some one and move on with your life!!

Scenario 1: You tell them to forget you and not to call you any more by fighting with them and breaking up or just telling that it won’t work out...

Scenario 2: Some one tells you to forget them and not to call any more by fighting with you and breaking up or just telling that it won’t work out...

The Result of both the scenarios are technically the same, but the impact in our mind is way too different..... In the first scenario you would feel wonderfully confident that you have taken the right decision and with less pain move on with your life.. BUT in the second case... you feel depressed, sad and humiliated (coz they won’t pick up your calls or talk to u) and finally with great difficulty move on......

Tuesday, January 18, 2011



My View...

If we pursue something with determination and TRUE Passion, nothing can stop us before we achieve it.. IT could be the dream job.. or love of your life.. or a new house (anything...)

But if stopped in the mid way saying "Its not worthy of pursuing" then that means the old "Jackal and Grapes story What ever I didn't get.. is not worthy!!!" saying so we fool our self don't we??

But there is yet another way where we get dejected and put forth "I cant.. I don't think I am capable enough" and leave it half way!!! without knowing that we are just 2 steps behind success.... that can only mean that we are not determined enough to seek it with the whole of our will and can live with out it... " So did we seek it with TRUE passion and determination in the first place??

We never know and live on our simple normal life Don't we...?

Monday, January 10, 2011


A soul prayed "Oh God... As long as I am not exposed to the imperfections of this world, let me just think that world is a perfect place to live, and every human being are as good as their words. What comes out from their mouth are from their heart..!!! Can I believe what every one says? Please?"

God said, "My child.. World is not as perfect as I intended to make it! and I cannot unfortunately assure you that all human being are as good as their words..! But I can give u…

Strength in your heart to endure the betrayal….
Tears in your eyes, to ease the pain
Loving people around you to soothe and comfort you
And Faith on me to overcome every obstacle...”