Saturday, October 15, 2011

Surprise doubled!

First it was Anand.. and now Sneha, that too within a month!!!
Thanks dear for the wonderful award..

Sneha is a bubbly girl, with honest post that are as adorable as she is! :) She also surprises with some wonderful serious topics too..Keep writing gal..

So the legendary 7 things about me.. let me reveal that I am as lazy as I can be.. :)  So here it is.. check this out only if you are interested.. :)

Thanks again Sneha.. its a wonder as of how you find time to blog along with your studies..


  1. Congrata KP.. Way to go!!! Keep rocking :)

  2. Congrats KP... this is just the beginning:)

  3. Hi dear Anand, Pygma and Chintan Thanks a lot guys! :)

  4. Congrats KP looking forward many more awards to you...celebrate sweet heart...a thousand wishes:-)

  5. Hey Nasnin, Saru and Bagya thanks to you all for the wishes!

  6. Late congratulations,was busy...