Monday, October 10, 2011

Am I Versatile?

Am I a Versatile writer.. er blogger? I don’t know.. But my dear friend Anand thinks so… and I am extremely happy for that..!!! 
My first blogger award..!

Before I start, a few words about Anand's Musings.. they are refreshing and thought provoking and always read them with a cup of coffee.. don't know why! :) He says "Life is like that" and doesn't push it too hard either..

And as a rule, I am supposed to say 7 things about me and pass it on 
So here it goes, 
  1. I got lost twice in my life literally, both times in a temple and both the times, they some how found me.. well I was very young then 4 and 10 respectively and still cannot imagine what would have happened.. if I was not found… hmm..
  2. I was chased by a monkey while on my way to a temple again!!! Where it made me run 50 steps.. But I didn’t give him the banana I protected.. and on that day I understood that I am competitive.. (monkey or human I just don’t care)
  3. I can take in success quite easily, but failures create a lot of impact in me.. that I cant forget even a single one of them, till date 
  4. On my first visit to a temple I threw a stone on Lord Ganesha.. coz he was sitting idle.. (if he was anything like me, I would be rotting in hell by now! :P) (What is with me and temples..)  
  5. I dream a lot.. day dream, imagination, nightmares.. they all come to me even when my eyes are open
  6. I hear a voice in my head.. that doesn’t stop at all.. and irritates me with sarcasm especially when I speak with some one. 
  7. I can fake smile..! yes I can.. without people having slightest hint.. it comes in handy when I pretend there is no problem in my life and I can happily live in my favorite bubble..  also does help a great deal in Office.. he he!
And I am not passing this on to these people here, for I am not that great like them.. but a small token to them.. Dear Nasnin, Anand robbed me off you.. :(
  • Arjun – “Just an avatar” “New nonentities” My greatest inspiration on short stories.. my dear Mashe… his style is so unique that I read, all of his short stories in one shot.. he deserves a book published with those extraordinary works.. Read one story you will become his fan.. don’t forget to download his collection of short stories as PDF.. He is also a humble human being.. how else can his blog remain invisible.. Before I started reading his works.. they were like a new book unscratched, just look now.. each page has my dirty hands in them.. cant help it Mashe..
  • KP (I call him "Partha") – “A competitor with same name” was the exact words than came to my head the first time I saw his blog.. But then after reading his works.. I cannot compare myself to him… all of his short stories are very nice.. some of them are too good to be true.. just like him J and what can I say about his 55W Fiction.. they are the best collection that I have come across so far.. and he is like Sachin completed more than 500 short fictions.. and still rocking with new ideas..   A friend.. philosopher and guide.. 
  • Pygma – Her's is one of the most personal blog, that I love to read, coz they may be personal but the flow and use of language is extra ordinary.. and it always connects..  that which strikes me more is her openness in each post, that gives itself a respect.. I don’t know how she does that! Hats off.. and to me she is an wonderful critic.. 
  • MJ – He writes Haiku.. and haiku in its original form, about nature and life.. Hikus are supposed to be non personal and his haikus reminds me of freshness.. my only non – Indian reader.. and the only one whom I knew before blogging... 
 Thanks Again Anand..!


  1. You certainly are versatile, Krishnapriya :) An award well deserved..

  2. Congratulations on getting your first award.Many more should follow soon.
    Thanks a bunch

  3. Hi KP, you deserve this award very much... Congrats to you and to all the awardees... Its good to know about you in those 7 steps... You got lost twice?? Hmmm.. that was dangerous. And you can fake a smile?? I don't think I can do it successfully... Somehow the inner mind kills that fake expression on my face...

    Great going KP.. Don't stop it!! :)

    PS: I robbed Nasnin from you on this award?!! Hmmm... You'll get much more awards KP and you can share them with her!! :) :)

  4. Totally deserve this award. Congratulations. You are very gracious and kind. Many more awards will most certainly follow.

  5. Congratulations dear KP..
    Truly u do deserve it for your enthusiasm, creativity, and the originality which reflects in your words.. you are indeed versatile

    I take it as an honour and great pleasure that you like mine..
    Thanks a lot dear for the bequeath.. it brings a certain responsibility along with it.. like the Atlas passing .. ;)
    Take care KP and write more and more.. i will remain your true reader:)

  6. Hearty congratulations my beloved KP and yes you are truly a versatile blogger, a mature blogger I would say who amaze us by each post! You don"t know how much glad am I to have met a beautiful soul like you here....:-)

    And already have given me a hundred appreciation by your valuable comments and feed backs and by your sincere Anand haven't robbed me off from this compliment sweety...:-) Keep writing for me and for all the readers who admire you a lot...Best wishes for everything in your life...;-)

    And dear...We both picked Pygma...that was really wonderful:-)

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  8. And hey...forgot to add this...your seven things swept my feet off...nicely intelligently and honestly presented! Enjoyed!

  9. ROFL.. what is it with you and temples?! LOL.. :D
    Getting lost is so scary.. Were you crying then? Just curious ;)

    By the way, congrats on your award!

  10. Hearty congratulations deserve this award

  11. you definitely are versatile KP. congrats on the well-deserved award :)

  12. Hey Leo - Wow..! thanks for that..

    Hi Partha - Thank uuuuu!! :)

    Hi Anand - Thanks for the award and the comment..! Ya! well it was dangerous and I didn't choose to do it.. :)
    P.S.: Oh come on Nasnin is happy so no issues.. ok! :)

    Hello MJ: Thank uuu! for all your encouragements..

    Hi Pygma - thanks dear.. So I am versatile..! :) Its my pleasure too dear.. :) and you deserved it!!

  13. Hey Nasnin - Oh! you are a doll! honey.. I am happy to have befriended you.. I have just solved issue with Anand so no problem ;) thanks again..

    Hi Arjun Mashe - thank u!

    Hey Sahana - ha ha! I am not sure.. I guess I might have cried.. but as mom remembers I was a stingy girl with emotions as a kid.. the only emotion i gave away in abundance was "Stare".. :D
    Thank u!

    Hi Prabha - Oh thanks dear..

  14. Oh.. thanks a lot Sujatha.. it does feel good.. but makes me more responsible.. :)