Saturday, October 15, 2011


Secluded, I tried to merge
Out of reluctance with that, which is scattered!
Lured by my discomfort I dwell into the lexis
It connect the dots that self-subsist
Determines my quintessence in-turn
As faceless entities they dwell around
Right inside and out, blending and not
Inspirited by the ordinal infiltration..
They unite, the soul and thoughts
Yet the Maverick spirit remain desolated

P.S:  This may not be an acrostic about Solidarity, but it’s about the solidarity of the soul and thoughts and how the spirit still remains deserted. So, what can we call it then?


  1. This is my first visit here :) I also write 'word' and 'name' poems so I was very drawn to this one. Wonderfully penned!

    Best Wishes,
    Fiona :)

  2. There were 2 words for which I had to run and look up their meanings in U're some awesome writer...Thank heavens,you post frequently...I get some gr8 reading material to munch on from time to time..:-D

  3. A beautiful post KP. You said it well our soul will always be in solidarity. But I have another perspective to it ~ you are the best friend for your soul. Have been pondering about this topic for a while now :) :)

    Great read :)

  4. Nice! What can I say.. that's a lovely observation and its beautifully put.

  5. Hi Jyothi - thank you

    Hello Valli - thanks dear..

    Hi Fiona - thank you for the visit! :) and ur lovely comment!

    Hey Rahul - wow.. those are biggg words coming from you.. thank you.. ha ha! Dictionary! :) I am privileged..

  6. Hi Anand - Your perspective is wonderful, and practical.. why not write about it? mine was not exactly the same.. the heart feels that it would be tranquil when the thoughts and soul combine, and words resulted, but the heart still feels deserted and numb.. pondered about this yet? lol

    Hi sameera - thanks dear..

  7. Incredible beauty in words and scope for ambiguity in meaning:-) Your poetry always tells me how a lot can be putforth in few words in a concise way...simply exquisite!

  8. This is beautiful beyond words. Loved it!

  9. quite a sophisticated one, as it should be when one writes about abstracts.. good one KP:)

    So, what can we call it then?
    "TATVAMASI" - Thou art that!

  10. wow...awesome KP :)

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  11. "solidarity of the soul and thoughts and how the spirit still remains deserted"
    That's deep stuff!
    I really don't know if there is a word for it, or even how do you go about identifying that feeling!

  12. I think you wrote this poem for me. Thank you!

  13. Ah Nasnin - thanks dear.. and your comments always makes me think that I did some thing great..! :)

    Hi Vijay - thank you!

    Hi Saru - Thaks dear..!

    Hey Pygma - thank you.. "Tatvamasi" wow.. is too big a word for this! you are so kind to say so.. can we just call it "restless"?? :) just like our mind..?

  14. Hi Bijoy - thank you..!

    Hi Ankur - he he! I dont know either..! may be I am just confused.. :)

    Hello MJ - If this connects with you.. then I did..! thank you..

    Hi Deepak - T H A N K Y O U :)