Saturday, October 22, 2011

Movie Magic

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As we glided along with many others in the escalator, towards the movie theater in the 3rd floor of the mall, uneasiness was what I exactly felt, I hate those “Moving stairs” hate or afraid I am not sure, but I am sure that, he knows. I had tailed along near the elevator (lift) thinking that he would understand, but he was too busy to notice and walked on. 

Carefully I stepped into the moving thing but not so careful to attract attention, I looked and he had already moved up few steps, why does he walk when it does the work? We were nearing the theatre and memories flooded in me, our first visit to theatre, his excitement, his enjoyment, which I can visualize in front of me like in a HD TV. But he was restless and cursing under his breath, avoiding every eyes that studied us. While I was proud to walk along with him, he didn’t relish my company, like he used to do in the yesteryears. 

My mind started weaving stories and hypothesis, and my heart sank every minute, does he think that I am dependent on him? Does he want to send me somewhere? I never cried in all these years of life, but now, I battled hard not to convert those dark clouds into rain in my eyes. With a sigh, that didn’t escape his notice I switched my thoughts to the life around me, people waiting to get into the theatre to watch the family entertainer, gone are the days when such movies were watched with the whole family, all I can find now are a group of youngsters trying to kill time or some young pairs waiting to sneak in and enjoy their romance rather than the one on screen.

There were some families, minus the kids, the high earning upper middle class IT husbands, in their mid-thirties, but looking like forty five, and their beloved wife’s, trying to fit in, by sprinkling fashion around them in an improper manner trying to conceal their pot belly’s under the T-shirt, and constantly checking the dress with uneasiness, why this artificiality? Why not wear what we like and what makes us comfortable? 
The doors opened and people started moving faster, like they were going to lose their valuable seats, or the first glimpse of the film, he was walking faster too, I tried to catch up and sat breathlessly next to him. But as the light went off, I bothered very little about him, I was drawn into the movie, it showed the bonding of the family with no extra dose of show-off and drama, just a simple family movie that everyone can relate to, by the end there was an unsayable pain in me. I walked off slowly towards the damn escalator, when he slowly guided me towards the stairs, so he remembers, we don’t really forget things, we just ignore them.

We walked slowly and silently towards the car, he was walking beside me and inside the car he asked not looking directly at me, “Dad, do you still love me? After all the in indiff indifference I am showing?” I nodded affirmative. He added “Its just work and family and kids you know.. “ I nodded again and we drove off in silence.

The movie had done its magic, but magic never lasts..


  1. I like how you ended it, smoothly, calmly - a deep emotion subtly conveyed. :)

  2. Hey Sameera - thank U! I just wanted to keep it as close to reality as possible! glad u liked it!

  3. why does he walk when it does the work? LOL
    Superb narration !!!

  4. Lovely one, KP...great observation, wonderful delivery...well done indeed! Keep on writing...

  5. Superb.I never expected the end as you gave.Your writing has acquired a great flourish.Keep the stories coming

  6. Really Superb. Well narrated suspense is there too. :)

  7. liked the close to reality feel of the story

    magic never lasts. at least not always.

  8. superb... the thing which in the world is here...

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  10. I like the dawning of a certain realization at the end and how it is brought about. Well composed!

  11. Always loved of your observation capacity and how you convey it efficiently in the narration...the last line demanded the different perspective of the story once again...(the knowledge that they were dad and son)! My regards dear:-)

  12. Lovely read, love the story and the way you said the last line about magic.


  13. nice one KP, I thought it was mom and son:)
    This is a highly relevant theme and mushrooming loss of virtues.. u have noble thoughts dear..
    It makes your blogging meaningful and socially relevant as well..
    Keep writing and love your way..

  14. have captured the scene in a movie theater very well and I liked the ending. Magic doesn't last but at least it happens..BTW Which movie did you go to?

  15. Dear Blogger Friend,Wish U a Warm and Happy Diwali.Enjoy the Festivities with taste-filled delights,Safe and Delicious Memorable Moments - Regards, Christy Gerald

  16. I just din't expect that ending at all KP! I was imagining a boy and gal while reading it.

    Totally amazing writing! :)

  17. Hi Deepak - ha ha! u liked it a? thanks

    Hello Arjun Mashe - I know! i know that you would notice! he he thank u..

    Hi Partha - Wow.. thank u.. haven't heard from u for a long time.. how r u?

    Hey Jyothi - Thanks dear..

    Hi Sujatha - yes.. you are right!

    Hello Shekar - oh ya! thanks..

  18. Hi Ahimaaz - thank you..

    Hey Nasnin - How nicely you criticize and make me feel good..!! thanks dear..

    Hi Saru - thank you..

    Hi Pygma - Oh! you just made me feel great.. but just felt like writing about something that we all ignore in our own lives..

    Hi Bemoneyaware - thank you.. ha ha.. i am not sure which movie.. may be i should ask them.. lol

  19. Hi Rahul - thank you!

    Hi christy - thanks a lot! and wishing you also a happy and wonderful Diwali

    Hey Bagya - aw.. thank you!

  20. awww... usually everyone thinks of boy and gal... :D

    U always prove me wrong

  21. ha ha! Sourabh the suspense was not an intended one.. it just came with the flow..! thanks for the visit!

  22. Very sorry for commenting super-late here... :(

    The end of the story was amazing. AWESOME fiction KP. It was always a delight to read yours!!


  23. Very smooth flow to the story. Plus a really really lovely ending :D
    You deserve more readership for this post, I'm voting :)

    If you can spare a few minutes, can you read a post of mine? And leave a feedback, and maybe a vote if you like it? I'd be much obliged, it'd go a long way in helping me out with a competition that I've entered on indi :)
    Pretty please? :)

  24. Ah Anand - very sorry for replying super super late.. I guess we are even now!! :) Thank you and its a delight to see u here!

    Hi Achyuth - Thanks a lot!! for the lovely comment.. I am at present reading urs.. :)