Monday, May 30, 2011


"GOD and LOVE" the most debated topics of the modern world.. the existence of both is questioned and argued and proved and theorized. For me both are same, they exist 100% but not every one feels the presence.. I wonder at times what it would be like, if GOD appeared every time, we need him. He would become normal! we would say things like, "Come on God I didn't call you today! now go I will talk to you later..." lol

May be that is why his presence is felt strongly yet rarely by people... Love is similar...! Not everyone feels it.. People do say that they met... fell in love convinced their parents or eloped and got married but I challenge that a minimum of 75% of them would have asked to them-self at least once if it was really love?

There is a nice song in a Tamil movie where the lines goes as,

mudhal naal paartha vanappu
thuli kuraiyavum illai unakku
urakkam vizhiipil kanavaai
unai kaanbadhae vazhakkam enakku
aruginilae varugaiyilae
thudippadhai niruthudhu nenjam
mudhal mudhal indru nigazgiradhendru
nadippadhu konjam vanjamae

Well!! thats love...

Kakkai shiraginile nandalala ninran kariya niram tonrudaiye nandalala 
Parkkum marangalellaam nandalala ninran paccai niram tonrudaiye nandalala
Ketkum oli ellam nandalala ninran gitam ishaikkutada nandalala 
Teekul viralai vaittaal nandalala ninnait-teendum inbam tonrutada nandalala 

and this is devotion plus Love! ;-)


  1. Nice KP... "Un Siripinil" is one of my favourite song... Good that u too like it:)

  2. Thank u Surya.. that is one hell of a beautiful song! :)

  3. The concept and your thoughts are beautiful. :)