Saturday, June 4, 2011

Breaking into my own house!

We shifted our house just before few days and have not yet done with the complete packing and moving, so some stuffs missing in this house might be there in that house, is the standard sentence we make every-time, when we search something in vain....

I needed some certificates of mine very urgently and that to my good luck was not available in this house, so took on to the tiresome one hour journey to my that house to look for them.. I was a complete idiot to have realized only on the last moment after reaching there that I forgot the KEYS!!! to the house.. How on earth will I get in? I didnt wanted to make another journey back to that house and get the keys and come back to this house and get the certificate. But the documents were required urgently. So I shamelessly call up my brother to ask for help.. I needed to bribe him for Rs. 300, finally he agreed and I sat near the door for a long time, more than one hour waiting for him to arrive....

So when he arrived, I thanked him a million and go the keys, but but but this idiot who is dumber than me, has got the keys of-course...! but not the one I needed...!!! So what we did.... after long hours of pondering he went to the nearest store brought a brand new lock broke the existing lock.!!! Soon after getting the certificates, we locked the house took the keys and was walking back, when our neighbor uncle came... After the ritual of wishing him we told him the victorious story of us breaking into our own house. He looked puzzled and enquired.. "Are you guys talking about the main door's keys?"

"yes uncle.."
"But your dad gave me a spare key in case of such emergencies..!! i still have it..  :-)"

"Oh my GOD!!!!"

and what did we learn???
Every time we go in for a family gathering, they say me and my brother has nothing similar... now no one will say that... we are similar in this... in being dumb...


  1. I liked the intended "irony" in your narration and that's what giving it a touch of humor...keep writing!

  2. Hey.. good to see u in here..

    I keep trying to get humor in everything.. that is life rite.. 'one big comedy with irony' written by some one else...! But I feel happy when some one other than me notices it! and Thank you.. for that...

  3. Liked the post a lot. :)