Saturday, June 18, 2011

I am a Silent Viewer!!!

Short Story - Drama
One day I was in my way to my office in train when a girl got into the train, the train was not so crowded (ya such incidents does occur in Chennai once in a while!), and there was just me sitting near the window, the girl came and sat opposite to me, I scanned her for a second, she looked pretty good, and stylish, but very serious she was looking far away and I guessed that she is very much pre occupied. I carried on with my job of listening to songs from my Ipod. In the next station four gals got into the train and sat next to me and to the gal.

They sat and started to chat.. and I knew that my peaceful song time is over by this bunch of birds. So, I just turned off the ipod and kept in my bag and sat looking outside… When one of the new ones looked at my previous counterpart and called out, “Hey look every one…! Its deepa..”

Every one looked and “Hey Deepa how are you da? How is your life going on” and so on. The girl sitting in front of me, Deepa, looked at them, but that was a look of shock and not that of happiness in seeing long lost friends… She muttered something to them and walked off… to a different seat… I looked at the face of her friends and they looked very much embarrassed and angry.. no one could blame them, she was that harsh when she walked off…! One of them spoke after the shock has sinked in,

“she is same like college times da, I told u not to talk to her you never listened see what happened now!”

“Ya ya you are right.. remember the time when we enquired about tat boy friend of hers? She was almost about to hit us” said the second one..

“Do you think she is still with that guy? They eloped and married when in second year na” asked the third one, the first girl answered, “yes…! None of us knew that na.. very spooky, but I liked her boy friends friend… he looked good na?” every one started talking about guys and then some more gossiping… I looked at the girls side Deepa’s side.. and she was sitting at the far corner of the compartment with the same serious face.

My station came and it was time for me to get down, I got down and went to my daily auto which will take me to my office… the guy smiled happily and waved me to get inside. Just as I was about to get in, deepa came running for the same auto, she said she wanted to go to taramani and said that she would pay him 50 for the ride. The guy looked at me, I was about to fight, but there were no other auto in there and I had to be in my office in 20 minutes, I told the auto driver that I would get down in my office in the taramani road if she was ok with it. He was happy, he is getting more money.

He asked her to move and before she could say anything, got in and the auto took off. Just after some 5 minutes journey she asked him to slow down and a middle aged man got inside the auto. I now had to adjust my seat and sit, so I got down and let him sit next to her and got inside the auto again, now 3 of us were sitting irritatingly close to each other. The person I guessed might have been her father, but she did not even care to speak with him. She looked out and sat. Her father spoke out, “Do you really need to go there? Remember what they did yesterday when you went to the hospital? Why dear come we will go home”

She looked at him, I sensed tears in her eyes, “Dad, I want to see him, even if she kills me I will go off only after she lets me see him, I told him several times to not to come to Chennai, but see what happened now” she cried. “don’t worry dear he will be alright.. God wont punish us even more, I know the sufferings you both encountered don’t worry!” She cried again, “She only called him dad and said that she wants to see him for last time, so he came and now, she is not allowing me to see him atall.. if he knows he will never let her do this to me!”

The auto stoped, I was so engrossed in the conversation that I did not understand that my stop has come, I paid the auto and looked one last time at the girl and went into my office. I did not knew who she was and do not know what will happen to her but some how I felt for her and recited a silent prayer for her beloved one.


  1. Kp, i also feel sorry for that girl... but i guess since u had to reach office on time u stopped urself from asking for her story....???? but anyway leave it.. coz its a sad story any how (but y encounter always sad story???)

  2. Hey Surya... this girl and the story came up in my mind...I never saw them :-)

  3. Hey KP, nice one, You shouldn't have spoiled it thru your comment..!!
    cheers mate..!!

  4. Hi S! thank you..! Perhaps you are rite.. Sorry if I had spoiled it..! but my sensitive friend here felt better after he saw my comment! :-)

  5. Good one, left it hanging at the right spot...

  6. Thank you.. Nonentities or can I say Arjun? Glad that u liked it!!

  7. Nice story... and leaving it hanging was a nice new way of ending. :)