Saturday, June 18, 2011

First attraction

In many cases the first impression is the best let it be work, interview anything.. we judge people by the first impression.. however rational we are... we tend to do that!

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And what about love? Oh ya... I forgot.. "Love at first SIGHT!!" with this thought I enquired a couple of people in my office and my question was "what is that which makes a girl fall in love with a guy with in few meetings.. (not just the first!"

Collating the answers and after thinking a lot.. I provided my own waitage to their points and below is the list.. (consolidated into 3 points!!)
  • Looks -> this is mainly for the love at first sight and attraction or infatuation... good looking guys are always commited when u meet them... (one of my friends words..). Just think of your favorite movie hero or your fantasy boy friend.. (Good looks huh?)
  • Charector -> the age old formula from movies the good guy beats up the bad guys, helps the poor, treats women and children with respect.. and totally gets the girl!!
  • Intellegence -> Women who are strong willed fall for this great guy "who knows everything!!" we have seen in movies again.... :-)
These were just few key points that came up in the discussion and not to hurt any ones feelings..... again these are just for initial attraction what builds this attraction to love is real passion...

Please feel free to provide ur own points that I have missed out...


  1. We always seek for a "complete man", a perfect blend of beauty and intelligence and when we detect any of these in some guy there's a chance of falling head over heels...liked your views! Hope that our sensible women will try to dissect the difference b/w appearance and reality...!

  2. Love at first SIGHT!!

  3. Hi..

    Nasnin -> Totally agree with you but for many people likfe is a trail and Error.... :-D But you know their is one more trait now a days ... gals faling for rouges and bad guys.. thanks to movies again..

    Sujeesh -> Thank you for reading and providing feedback.. "first SIGHT" as you say would fall under the first point LOOKS doesnt it??

  4. With my boyfriend, it was nearly love at first sight.... and love at second meeting.
    So, yes, the things you mention, all do matter.

  5. He he.. good for you!! So, my survey is correct.. :)