Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Liking and disliking?

What is liking and disliking? Isn’t it just the game of 5 senses with our mind? Something which entertains one of these or more than one of these senses? That which delights my eyes seems to be beautiful!!

One which seem to satisfy my appetite and tickles my taste buds are delicious..  Others gratify my nose and ears with good smell and nice noise.. all of these are good. The best of the feeling is the touch..  That which brings people close.. Kiss from mother… embrace from father.. I remember as a child when I used to get scared and cry.. my dad carries me and makes me sleep on his belly…  The shake hands… the touch of the beloved.. and more..

Why am I this dumb to get pleased by the sense… and only by few of these senses..  There is something else to liking and disliking? If I was able to look beyond any of these or more I wouldn’t have disliked many things in life…  May be… But these basic instincts of life ties me down and trills me making me unable to think beyond these senses… Would there be a time when all these senses captivates me to one single person.. may be then I would be able to look beyond them….!


  1. The thought is deep and beautiful...exploring and interesting and it's penned clearly:-)

  2. Hey Dear.. thank you... your comments are really encouraging.. even negative criticism in short story writing are welcome.. ;-)

  3. Well expressed. And a great concept for thought

  4. Yes Jojo finally it all narrows down to the senses and beyond that lies reality.. some of us(including me) are scared to look beyond..!