Monday, May 30, 2011

Yet I wonder..

Tossing around in my bed waiting for a peaceful sleep to embrace me, the wait is too long, its like seeking sunlight at night i don't find it any where and then all of a sudden I find myself thinking, Its funny, what kind of thoughts enter my peaceful head on this still night... i wanted to die.. Yes! i wanted death that moment.. I once wrote a short story about a girl committing suicide, I have not published that yet.. Still i remember that I enjoyed a lot when i wrote it especially the last paragraph when darkness seek ed her and she fell into a peaceful yet unending slumber...

Why cant i finish off like that it could be fun.... and I would get the privilege to know what lies beyond the end line of a race... But then after some moments my thought took a turn from 'I wanted to' to 'Why should I?' and I pondered for a reason well there is no life ending reason. So I take a moment and close my eyes and think for a second about the never ending beauty of the world...  World indeed is very beautiful.. I love everything in it.. in fact I love every thing I see in my life including the hot sun, polluted life... How else will we enjoy the beautiful rain without the hot summer? Clean meadow without a polluted road..

Lord Krishna said that everything in the world is materialistic.. and we should never stick on to it if we need eternal bliss. Live life like a drop of water in a lotus leaf... in my words enjoy the world for the moment and only for the moment and do not attach yourself to it. If that is so why would he create the world with so much beauty that it pulls us from death? the urge to live is found in every human being because "World is the best place to live in.." Yet I wonder... is this called MAYA?


  1. Whenever anything pulls us towards life or infact even death.... the pulling force is MAYA..

  2. Absolutely right Jojo.. but had to decipher in real time.. and easy to merely say.. right?