Saturday, May 28, 2011

Are cows jealous?

While on my way home from office.. I spotted a cow in the middle of the road... Its pretty simple here to see a cow on the road... besides the place had many.. cow sheds. My brother who was driving honked... the beast did not move or even look at our direction.. I asked my brother to go around the road like every body else.. but he wouldn't do that. So we kept honking at the cow.. and finally the cow moved away after what looked like an eternity... :o

It then did something unusual.. it kept staring at our car... i can feel the stare and see it from the rear view mirror until the car moved around the corner... and became out of sight for the cow..!!! This little incident made me think out loud.. and ended in an interesting conversation with my brother...

"So when a cow sees a car.. does it think that the car is another animal??"
"May be" echoed my brother.. First time in my life we both agreed on something..
"You think it gets Jealous seeing this another super animal (car) is bigger than the cow itself and also moves faster?" I pondered more..
"Duh! sister.. animals cant be jealous only human being have such feelings.."
Well I don't use much of Duh in my conversation.. but I like the way it sounds.. Duh Duh! nice, Oh i left the topic.. how easily does our mind wander....
I thought for a while and "Hey that is not true.. remember Tommy (our pet dog) he got all jealous when we got the new cat and never ate anything for 2 days..??"
"You got a point there sissy!! said my brother
"Oh ya... I am rite.. ! lol..! :-O

So is the cow jealous of a car??? we never know until we ask a cow.!!!do u know?  :-P


  1. I think jealously is inherent to all life forms..... i know of an incident when a cow had 'a fight' with our neighbour's ya, i guess.

  2. Hi jojo..Wow.. i hope your neighbor and the Cow are both safe and sound..
    Ya of course the car too!