Thursday, September 29, 2011


Sucking into the depths of silence
Tears apart the ravaged still heart
Inactivity of limbs and mind
Leading nowhere, the standstill thoughts
Lamenting the drive of existence
No hunger, desire, love or passion reigns
Elusive is the urge to change
Sickness of this limbo overwhelms..
Silence rules the fragile lifeless existence!


  1. The state of stillness narrated so well in acrostic. Marvelous.


  2. Coming again to read it as I like it a lot, reason being, the word is explained in detail in each line...One of the best in this category, I have read so far...


  3. Well done - a lovely use of acrostic poetry.

    Let the stillness be the lull before the storm. At times slow or no movement is essential and the stillness gives adequate thought for the actions that might follow.

  4. Oh wow , that's one of the best stillness I have read !

  5. amazing . Each line is amazing .

    Your new follower and reader

    Follow each other .

  6. Sometimes, Silence is necessary. To make sense of the chaos around. Sometimes, its better to be silent and observe than run and getting lost. Well said, again!!

    Good Luck

  7. It's amazing how you guys get creative with poems :D

  8. Beautiful KP... nicely knitted piece... I liked the way you explained stillness, detailing or rather assigning a situation for every character..

  9. Woow! Totally awesome!

    "Silence rules the fragile lifeless existence"
    Truly said :)

  10. Sometimes silence fills and overwhelms the existence and sometimes we fear the emptiness...the silence...:-)

    Loved the last lines! Only poetry can contain that much depth and vastness in thinking within so few words!

  11. Hi Krouth - Thank you.. that was my first atempt..

    Hey Saru - you are so sweet.. thanks a lot..!

    Hi Partha - Yah.. you liked it!

  12. Hi Arjun Mashe - Yep thanks.. that is what scares me, the lull before the storm!.. the stillness and numbness of heart..

    Hey adreamygal - thanks for the visit..

    Hi Izdiher - thanks, i did like your blog too..:)

    Hi Kunal - Yep kind of! :)

    Hey Chintan - thanks dear..

  13. Hi Anand - thank you..

    Hey Bagya - thanks dear..

    Hi Nasnin - As u said it is a different feeling altogether.. thanks dear.. yep, only poems can be.. that is why they are so close heart than any other mode!