Thursday, September 15, 2011


Brimming with swelling fury 
Aching enough to twist love to acrimony
Despised overtly by all and sundry
Even by those who cleverly mask

Bitter is the persistent sensation
Hoisting high upon slightest provocation
Unhealed wounds deeply inside
Wishing just to harm every one

Reveals vulnerability on pondering
Just a basic craving for love and care
Expression of feeling made abundant
Yet left unattended and unheeded


  1. Wow.. that was quite intense!
    I guess behind feelings of hatred or bitterness, you can always find some unrequited love and a plea for attention.
    Or is that just wishful thinking??

  2. true, there is always a vulnerability behind rage, locked down love behind the numb sadness..
    well expressed!


  3. Apt words and the lines are really dense...both in content and style...nicely knitted KP...liked it a lot...hatred and jealous are comparatively less discussed topics in poetry...but those are the things which should be written...great attempt:-)

  4. Rightly depicted in words. Jealousy as the dark negative emotion.
    Nice pic as well.

  5. Very well said.. Jealousy is said to be a self destructive emotion but it can also be used devastatingly to destroy others.. And yes, the feeling is bitter as your words say!

  6. That was vehement, deep and intense.
    "Unhealed wounds deeply inside
    Wishing just to harm every one".

    I love that line ;-)

  7. *Hoisting high upon slightest provocation*

    Happens all the time and this was a brilliant use of words.... Profound.

  8. KP,

    Lovely analysis of a common emotion...(it could be the force that made man go higher faster stronger...of course, the reason for many a downfall, too...)

    Well done!!!

  9. Nicely written KP...
    "Expression of feeling made abundant
    Yet left unattended and unheeded" loved this ending part... :)

  10. Last two lines are summaries the effect of this emotion. Brilliant use of words dear...:)

  11. lovely words...beautifully crafted lines!

  12. As intense as the emotion itself!

  13. Reveals vulnerability on pondering- very true. Very well written- the words you have used bring out the harshness.

  14. i read this sometime somewhere - 'when it gets down to it, All we need is love' :
    strange how love heals and it hurts!

    well and poignant!


  15. It's not mere jealously but something innate in us, or rather, me. When you love something, you'd want to keep it safe, and yet you'd want to hurt it to the point it breaks, just to see what if. And while doing so, you'd just back down afraid.
    It's not jealousy, yes, sometimes I am jealous of myself too.
    Such are the fragile tendencies.

    Beautiful post, appeals to me.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  16. Well written, intense, revealing, and honest. Thanks KP

  17. Hi Ankur – Thank u.. ya right, lets just call it a wishful thinking..! just for the sake!

    @ Aakash – thank u..! that is right..

    @ Nasnin – Oh dear you can bring a smile in me.. cant u? As u said we don’t indulge much on dark subjects, making us look clean..

    @ Spicy – happy that you liked the words and the picture.. did spent some time on choosing the pic.. dear

    @ Meera – Thanks for the visit.. yes you said it, anything beyond the limit is bad.. and jealousy could be destructive..

    @ Bagya – Thanks a lot dear.. :)

    @ Chintan – thank you!!

  18. Hello Mashe – thank you.. hmm the feel is delicate, shouldn’t be encouraged alle??

    @ Anand – Thank you boss, why.. those are special to me too!

    @ Saru – Thank u

    @ Kalyan – Thanks for the first visit and comment..

    @ Ana – thanks dear..!

    @ Hari Sir – Yes, it is a bitter feeling, and shouldn’t be harboured in heart..

    @ Sarah – Ah those are excellent words, I would add recognition too.. other than love..!

    @ BA – I can relate to it! Felt the same way at times.. strange dark character of ours..!

    @ MJ – it’s a bit grey and dark, very happy that you liked it.. :).. thank you for reading..

  19. Splendid words, beautifully expressed.

  20. Some unspoken words, unexpressed feelings :) :) nicely penned :)


  21. Wow, intense! A wonderful and powerful read@

  22. Glad to see KP's blog again and u re alive ? :D