Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Part of me..

Listening to the sound of water, not the clatter of the waterfall or the periodic roaring of the waves in the outer sea.. but the rhythmic drop by drop melody of the leaking water tap reminds me the solitary thoughts that ran away resembling the leaking tap, I collected it in a colorless vase and the water is clear.. yet gone waste.. just like the forgotten chronicles.. Why this boasting? Am I and my scribbling that worthy? Indeed it is at least for me the protagonist of my life.

This manifesto of mine are not just abstract thoughts, they are a testimony of my life too.. “A part of me..” resides in here in each of my writings, that is why this collection of fiction is categorized to be PERSONAL . Is my life and daily events captured here, not exactly but a part of this vainglorious spirit is strewn apiece… the thoughts, the mood, the view, the emotion, the life too, but never fully, as I love to see the excitement of a child to peek into someone’s half wrapped gift. Judge me if you want, but never trespass my life..
I am getting addicted to this strange friendship formed between many faceless thoughts arising from different heads like yours and mine.. lets share it but not judge.. 

When a friend with anxiety enquired about my well being in life the reason was my writings, the melancholy in them, the darkness in them.. even when I felt elated about the care, it concerned me.. Life is dark there is no clear demarcation of Black and white people there are shades of grey in every one, some know It, some doesn’t seek in.. to know it.. So why should I write a fairy tale? When world is not exactly one? After all love and happiness is not just life, there is Shadow and Jealousy why shouldn’t we scribble when we are sensible enough to feel it?

An object’s beauty is in the eyes of the admirer, so let my hands engrave.. let my thoughts enjoy the newly found freedom.. let me chuckle when some one else’s eyes sees it in the same way..  Let the part of me that loves to fly away.. fly as needed.. why confine..


  1. We all write what we feel or experience, its always a part of us. I love the opening paragraph, the way you described sound of water and moved from one water body to a tap. Very profound.


  2. Thanks Saru.. We do right that is what adds soul to the words.. :)

  3. Not to care about the self acclaimed judges of the society. You have full right to express, what ever you like, which ever way you like. If your writings are dark big deal, some like their drinks dark, some like their poems dark!

    You smile and bring on the best yet again in your next post <3

    More love,

  4. Dear Chintan I am smiling reading ur comment.. I like even my coffee black! yay! :) you are very supportive..!

  5. I think it is the personal touch to each of the posts that makes readers read you? Everything presented with realism has an aesthetic appeal attached to it.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  6. It is in the sharing that we stay grounded. lets share it but not judge -- how true!
    A beautiful opening paragraph too.

  7. Write to your heart's content. Care not what people say- you can write and they cannot write what you write. They will never understand what makes you write it. Ask your dear friend- Do you think Agatha Christie killed so many people to write those books? :) A good writer is the one who can imbibe the feelings and mood of fictitious/inspirational characters as his/own and write as they become them for that moment.

  8. Dear KP,
    You are an original writer and I can sense that writing for you is a big relief...the artistry of your expressions are worth sharing...so keep going dear....and don't care for dark responses...sensible people will recognize the true work of a sensible mind and will surely appreciate it:-)

    Loved the opening water metaphor!

    Love ya...my regards:-)

  9. Everybody has a reason to write, a right to express their mind and one may judge by the writing but truly can't understand the inner heart and mind. But don't care, go on and do what you want. The world will realize someday.

    "Judge me if you want, but never trespass my life.." - loved these lines. Good post KP :)

  10. Forget reality, fiction suits life better...that is my understanding of life. I guess that is why the best parts of my autobiography is fictitious. These days, I can't even make out which is true, which is false...fiction sounds truer than reality at times.


  11. Hi Blasphemous Aesthete - Exactly I feel the same way, originality connects..

    Hey MJ - thank you.. I was watching the leaking tap and suddenly felt it.. glad u liked it.. yes sharing doesn't provide solution but helps reducing the pain and depth

  12. Hi Sameera - Yes.. so true.. we write because we like to! thanks a lot dear..

    Hello Nasnin - I know you do.. expressing the thoughts gives us two ways, being judged and getting like minded people to connect with.. with you its the second option.. see ya!

  13. Hiii Anand - yours words are so true.. thanks for the support..

    Hi Mashe - You know I quoted your blog tag line to a friend recently "Forget reality.. fiction suits life better.." I can connect with it and totally understand too.. thank u for encouraging..

  14. Really loved it...
    Sometimes you just want to put things out there, without being labelled or judged for it!
    The best part is when it finds even the faintest echo in someone else's mind and heart, and you know that you are not alone...