Friday, September 2, 2011

He Wanders

As an ubiquitous figure
He wanders hither and thither
On the fields, along the roads
Wherever his mind goads

Disgusted with life as lived
He walks bare and half naked
Not showing off in fineries
He is robed just enough to conceal

Covered in dirt and dusty grime
He eats to live regardless of time
Sky above and earth below as hovel
He cares not on the place to dwell

Is life’s essence cracked after all
By this roaming seeker?
Is there eminence in
the crazy lunatic snigger?

PS: I saw a very old man, supposed to be homeless on the streets, his face showed wisdom and clarity, that was missing in his appearance, I tried to decipher his thoughts and I humbly dedicate this to him, my dear old man wandering in the streets...


  1. I pity this old man... U've narrated it so well... sometimes life does show a shabby side of living...

  2. It was indeed when I read the last lines that I could better appreciate the beauty of the poem. AN interesting one, different!

  3. I often do this. Many of my stories are written on people I meet while travelling. Every face has a story behind it, isn't it?
    Nice poem. But may be he is one free soul who doesn't care for the appearance anymore, who might be poor but still finds reason to smile, may be crack a joke or two with strangers at night and sleep thinking about his lost love, smiling at her thought. :)


  4. Hi Anand - Thanks a lot, but I don’t pity him, I admire him.. there was a kind of happiness in his shabby appearance..! You do have a tender heart..! :)

    @ Animesh - thanks a lot for the visit.. So the post script did help huh..! :) thanks again!!

    @ Aakash - I felt the same way!! maybe he is..
    you approached it in a romantic way and I did in a philosophical way.. but in conclusion lets say that he was happy!! :)

  5. Appearances are always deceptive.Great minds pay scant regard for mundane things and often mistaken as soft on head.
    An excellent poem crafted so well

  6. This is really nice, superbly crafted!

    I also once saw a woman like this and wrote a poem on her...

  7. when i read this poem; i remember the shabby human!i saw when i traveled through bus!
    very well written!

  8. Umm watch a movie, 'Into the wild'. If you found some element in the Old man, you might like the movie as well.


    Blasphemous Aesthete

  9. ooh..this is such a depth dedication..:)indeed some ppl create impact and inspire to making us write

  10. Hi Partha – Thanks a lot!! Ya you are correct.. we need to look beyond those, looks that strike us first..

    @ Siddharth – Happy that it touched, I would ponder over your blog for that poem and read it…:)

    @ Sowmya – thank you dear..

    @ Blasphemous – let me watch it and then get back!

    @ chitra – thanks a lot!! Inspirations can be found everywhere rite.. we just have to look simply, without getting busy at heart..

  11. Reminded me of the sadhus in Varanasi..

  12. He is robed just enough to conceal!

    Loved this life inspires us..

  13. Hi Ana - thanks for the visit..! may be he was one..!

    hey Chintan - thanks dear..

  14. a noble mind, you have! lest this wouldn't have inspired your pen.. good job KP

  15. "Is life’s essence cracked after all
    By this roaming seeker?
    Is there eminence in
    the crazy lunatic snigger?"

    I really like those lines, KP...

    The life of the homeless can be frightening...very good of you to think about the old man...

  16. If his face shows wisdom and clarity, then it means he is living a happy life. There is something we ppl should learn from that old man.
    I loved the poem KP :)

  17. what a lovely dedication to an unknown man

  18. Reminded me of "Into the Wild"...good one...loved the lines...keep up the good work:-)

  19. Ha... Appearances...! Only if could believe them..

  20. Very impressive poem. On the lighter side, just as his face showed clarity and wisdom which was not there in his clothes, you have given so much depth to his personality which he may not have.

  21. Hi pygma – Awwwwwwww.. So nice of you to say that!... thanks a lot!!

    Hi Arjun – Mashe—Thanks a lot.. hmm not sure which is more frightening, living alone or homeless..

    Hi Bagya – Thanks dear.. may be that comes out of experience..!

    Hi Sujatha – Thanks a lot!!

    Hey Nasnin – You are the second one to say that! Let me watch that movie and come back!! :) thanks a lot..

    Hi SUB – Thank you!! that is so sweet!

    Hi Harish – Ya how true, thanks for the visit!

    Hi Aakash – thank you!

    Hi Ashiwini – Glad you liked it..

    Hi Hariharan Sir – thank you, maybe I am overrating something as you said.. still sometimes over-sweetness is really nice.. (Sometimes only!)

  22. Such a touching poem. I like your choice of words...

  23. Hey Nia - welcome to my blog! and thanks a lot :)

    @ saru - thanks dear.. it means a lot!

  24. Superb!!
    Lovely flow of words and ideas.

  25. Beautifully written. :)
    It portrays a picture wonderfully.