Monday, August 22, 2011



As a dark and depressing hollow veil,
it walks beneath me unaltered
It stalks when I move
Stays still with me too

The color I wear, my emotion, my thought
Hold same blank impervious gaze in it
Is it a reminder of an unhealed wound?
Or the fore teller of a looming catastrophe

In my lonely nights, there is a recurring illusion
of two gleaming eyes peering at me
Devilish smile and dark hands engulfing
As the last ray of light flickers and dies
But my spirit and faith still remain unbeaten
That which cannot be shaken
That which remains and battles
until the last ray of hope dies down..


  1. Wow...Really beautiful use of words. Impressive :)

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    Thanks :)

  2. The last verse ends on a positive note of unbeaten spirit and faith.Nice poem

  3. Wow.. beautifully sculptured piece :)

  4. Poem is nicely worded and the picture is scary. To swing in the dark night alone.. :D

  5. Thoughts well knitted and stylish gush of words! And hey...the same picture once I have selected for my profile picture but! Our taste so alike! Keep up the good work!

  6. ohh my! what a concept!
    very well expression of shadow :)
    keep smiling always :)

  7. KP!,Very impressive Poem with pic.This is ur best K.Priya!.

  8. Love the poem and the pic as well ... Beautiful!

  9. Wonderful this is ;)
    Indeed impressive :)

  10. It is the light of our will that holds us strong even in the time of adversity and test.
    Shadow, it always had mischief in its form :)

    Nice read.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  11. Hey Shaan – Thank you.. and I did promote ur post, not because u asked me to, but because it was good and informative.. keep up the good work..

    @ Partha – thanks Sir..!

    @ Anand – Thank u.. thank u..

    @ Spicy – thank you.. I felt that the pic complemented the poem.. :( did it scare u?

    @ Nasnin – WOW.. dear.. that is yet another striking similarity.. huh?

    @ Sowmya – Thanks dear and I will.. :)

    @ My kitchen – thank you.. :) you made my day!!

    @ Aakash – Thank you..!

    @ Serendipity – thanks for the visit.. and the comment

    @ Blasphemous – yep that is rite.. and well said.. thank you for the visit..

    @ Fragile – thank you.. wow u called me mam..!! :)

  12. I love the line "my spirit and faith still remain unbeaten" The picture is very good.

  13. But why is it scary in your lonely nights? should have been your best companion naa
    Title helped me decipher, lest i might not have!
    Different one from all your previous posts..
    Keep changing for good... awaiting more:)

  14. Hi Hari Sir.. thanks a lot.. every thing scary should end with a positive note..:)

    Hey Pygma.. :) Being alone.. the night is our company.. attimes we tend to be lonely.. that is when it turns to be tricky.. right?
    Thanks a lot for the support and encouragement..

  15. Beautifully written! The picture suits well for the poem :)

  16. Beautiful and intense. The picture adds to the depth of the poem.

  17. Hi Bhagya Thank you.. for the visit and comment. :)

    Hi Jojo.. thank u.. me to felt the same way about the picture! :)

  18. KP,

    Lovely expressions about the fickle but constant partner Shadow...

    I like these two...

    "Is it a reminder of an unhealed wound?
    Or the fore teller of a looming catastrophe"

    And I found it interesting that Shadow never appears as a comfort when Loneliness takes the place of Solitude...


  19. Hiii Arjun..

    Mashe.. thank you.. yes shadow can be tricky to appear as pain when alone, but we do ignore it the other times so, it might be taking the revenge on us.. alle??

  20. I have learned to find the cold comfort with my shadow.. It doesn't hurt but numbs the pain
    Dark is always good to read though :)


  21. Yes.. Aakash, I totally agree, melancholy strikes as there is always a sad child in us, that needs soothing..

  22. Shadows are so Beautiful, especially because they are dark.

  23. very nicely wriitten!!