Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Short story

The Bed was too soft.. but his conscience was too hard to let him sleep peacefully.."

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It was pricking him.. Suffocating him.. her fair hands under his neck seem to gag him.. he should tell her, because he can’t live with the guilt.. no matter what! He got up slowly and switched on the light. His wife who was very tired was awaken suddenly, and irritated when the light hit her eyes like sharp needles.. Their 5 yr old son have been crying from the evening.. and it was tiresome for her to calm him down, and by the time he slept it was 2.. and now she was awake within half hour. He didn’t eat too neither did she, it might have been because of the change in place. They have come to her parent’s house only a day before and her exhausting body was weighing her down to take rest..

"What?" she asked in a lazy tone,  rubbing her eyes, that still couldn’t get accustomed to the light. He didn’t reply, he sat like a dumb fool staring at her..
"Whaaat do youu want? water? is that why you switched on the light.. why don't you go and take it yourself dear.. don't you see how tired I am..?" she kept speaking still reluctant to open her eyes..

"It was me dear..! It was me who did it.." he murmured..
"Did what?".. she knew before she finished her sentence.. she blinked and stared at him.. "Was that you?.. Oh my.. oh my.. " her face was restless and she was staring down then she looked sharply at him and asked, "along with?" when she didn’t get the reply she stressed again "with? Were you alone? Dont tell me that you were alone? you disgusting fellow.. who was it with u?" she stared at his chubby face with revulsion and contempt...
"No no.. not alone..hmm your.. your sister..!.. I.. am..sorr.."
"Stop it.." she shouted.. "with my sister.. my sister.. Oh my GOD! " she said closing her mouth with both the hands like she was going to throw up.. "How did I not see that coming.. with both of your similarity in taste and everything.. "

The whole room was silent.. but to him, it was silence before the storm... he tried to speak no words came out he tried to hold her hand.. But she moved away like he was covered in worms.. he felt terrible.. he shouldn’t have.. But then again what can be done now.. if he didn’t tell today, then her sister might have told her.. then he would become cheat and deceiver.. but now at least he is just a cheat..

He tried to cajole her again, but she moved away, "How can you.. why.. was it me? was I being very strict with you.." her voice was like a plea. "No honey! it was me.. my fault.. I fell for the moment.. given a chance.. I wouldn’t do it again.. " he knew he was insincere,, given a chance he would do it again and again and he knew it still the need of the moment was to console her he continued.. "I feel embarrassing now..honey I am sorry "

"No no.. I feel embarrassed not you.. what will I tell every one.. fell for the moment??? what were you thinking.. what are you an adolescent.. fell for the moment.. huh? Why on earth did u?
"Hey it took 2 people.. to to.. whatever... but why don’t you scold her? why are you just accusing me.." spoke his defending tone..
"Oh.. now you question me..???You need an answer I will tell you why.. because.. because.. she is just 20.. more than 10 yrs younger to you and I know how she is impulsive and all.. but you.. are not.. I knew you. why didn’t you think of me .. why didn’t you think of our SON!!"

The three words dawned like a lightening on both of them.. she was speechless for a moment.. she kept walking back.. Until hindered by the wall.. and kept murmuring.. "our son.. our son" thinking of her son sleeping wearily and tired in the next room after crying for so many hours..
"Honey wait.. you are overreacting.. you.. you wont tell him will you? please don't honey please.." he begged..
She composed herself and sat on the edge of the bed.. silence prevailed.. a frog croaked loudly outside.. silence again..

Then she spoke.. "No I wont.. for he wouldn't forgive you for the rest of his life.. but you thwarted his day.. you frustrated us.. you  fool.. why didn’t it get in your big head that it was his birthday cake!!!  that you relished..”

The word.. cake took away all the guilt in his mind.. it was worth it.. each and every bit was worth all these drama.. but only sad thing was that he had to share it with her sister.. if only he got it fully for himself..
He sat unscathed by guilt.. yet drooping his head down to let her think that he was depressed and remorseful.

He sat dreaming and savoring the taste of that cheese cake his son's birthday cake.... that crumbled in every bite!!!


  1. Too good...I bet cake was very tasty...Brilliant:)

  2. lol....... birthday cake.... :-D That was a funny ending....

  3. Hahahaah, Uh!!! You spoiled the excitement :D

  4. It was a great twist without giving away.A nice story

  5. LOL.. was this written to check pervert minds?

  6. he he...that was damn funny...the melodrama melted so crudely at the end....nice nice...keep going:-)

  7. He he Guys..!

    @ Saru - I bet too... else its not that worth it!

    @ Sneha - Thanks dear!

    @ Kumar - Thanks for the visit..! lol.. loved ur comment! :)

    @ Partha - Thanks

    @ Farila - Oh my.. not at all.. I wanted to write something with a twist in the end.. and this is my first attempt.. hope u liked it!

    @ Nasnin - he he thank u! :)

  8. whoa! Impeccable skill you got there :)

    Liked this part...
    "She composed herself and sat on the edge of the bed.. silence prevailed.. a frog croaked loudly outside.. silence again.."

    Very neat imagery.

    keep it goin;)

  9. ha ha, but i cud smell a rat frm the beginning :)
    the reader shdnt get any hint at all , till the end.. still good try.. best wishes KP :)

  10. lol....nice one...well written...
    good luck and bring on more...

  11. ha ha....loved the way it started and loved the way it ended....guess the cake was more tempting :P

    nice one...keep writing....

  12. :)))))))))


    That was deliciously told and the climax very tasty. :)


  13. hey this was something very nice blog post story i read today.

  14. Nice twist,KP...like O.Henry's:)))

    Thanks for the visit and lovely comment...
    Will look forward to more of such comments:)))

    Good Day!

  15. Hi Amit – Thank u.. That was my first try and glad you liked it..

    @ Pygma – Aw that was so sweet, I felt it too.. I may get better the next time..! thanks again for genuine comment

    @ Prabha – Thanks dear… let me try..

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    @ Deepazartz – Like O.Henry?? I don’t think so.. But I guess this is the best appreciation I received till date.. thanks for that..

    @ Magiceye – thanks dear..

  16. He he.. I guessed that the climax is going to be funny only..!! Good one KP..:)

  17. Hi Anjaani - thanks a million..!

    @ Surya - Thnak u! It was indeed a bit predictable rite..! lets wait for the next one.. :)

  18. A little predictable that it wasn't what first comes to mind.
    But Cake!!, great climax.

  19. Yep I know i am planning to make the next one better dear..! thank u jojo