Monday, August 15, 2011

Mother India

When your rosy feet touched me for the first time
I knew that I am a mother again
You fell down and got up for your first step
I knew that you never give up

When your feet reached the finish line in the race
You kneeled down and kissed me!
My motherly heart was swollen with pride
I adored you just like my other son
Who spilled his blood on me for ME..

Yet, you spit on me and say,
No one can change this country
And walk away seeking better prospects

I weep silently, without complaint
As you follow the path of your other inactive brothers
In betrayal, in assault, in poverty, in terror… I weep..
I don’t hate you.. I never can..
For I am your Motherland
Who knows only to LOVE!


  1. Without doubt, best poem on country. Words are so deep and I feel bad for myself when I read the line, 'And walk away seeking better prospects.' :(

  2. Oh Dear Saru.. thank you..
    However really sorry.. didn't mean to hurt any one.. :)

  3. That was awesome,KP.Very touching with an element of truth.
    Keep them coming

  4. noble thought KP, well written .. salutations to Mother India!

  5. Vow! That's patriotism! Lofty thoughts dear and majestically written!

  6. Hey Partha Sir.. thank you.. I feel guilty for being one among the inactive crowd..

    @ Pygma – Thanks dear.. Jai hind indeed..

    @ Nasnin - :D Thanks a lot..!!

    @ SUB – thank you..

  7. too good :) the whole essence of mothers love , patriotism superbly weaved in ur selective sentences :)

  8. Good passionate one, dear KP...good to read this. Best wishes, Arjun

    ps. With regard to the "comments" issue, there is a simpler reason - no visitors...hope you understand what I am saying... :)))

  9. Hey Zerocool.. this really means a lot to me.. thank u..
    @ Arjun - Thanks Sir!
    PS: tat is too bad and i dont like it tat way!

  10. Bravo KP. Well written with the right blend of imagination and specifics. Thank you.

  11. Aw... MJ thank you.. So nice of you to relate to it.. and comment.. You are the best..

  12. A very nice poem...Its just too perfect for every Indian youth

  13. Hi Shaan glad u liked it and happy if it has inspired you..:)

    @ Aakash - thank u...!

  14. The unconditional love of a mother woven beautifully with patriotism. Outstanding.

  15. Jaihind Jojo.. what else can be said.. very happy that u liked it!

  16. Aah ! What a beautiful poem on Shashya Shyamala Bharat Maata ...

  17. Hi Shadows Galore.. glad u liked it! thanks.. :)