Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cycle of Life

She was falling down helplessly
Trying to hold on to the white hands in vain
The hands that protected her once was not there now
She couldn’t escape the fall..
It was a shrill shrieking pain that she felt..
So did many others
She fell down.. Thousands of feet below to the barren land
Splashed and wasted, still her soul intact..
She was not a rain drop any more but water the source of life
She stayed silent and let herself be absorbed by the desolate land..

After a long silence and darkness she was reborn
As a drop of honey in the flower she shone with hope.
For she knew the secret and the cycle of life..


  1. Vow...a chain of metaphors for rain...:-)

  2. that's amazing....loved the cycle of life :)

  3. wow.......that was amazing...... nicely explained rain and it's need after a long dry summer....


  4. Hi guys..

    @ Nasnin - I guess that rain and water is mostly occupying my thoughts lately..!

    @ SUB - Thanks a lot!

    @ Sneha - happy u liked it!

  5. a different line of thought.. beautiful.. loved it
    keep writing KP:)

  6. Hi Pygma.. Thank u..! it was weird I started off with some thing and ending with some thing else.. glad it looks different.. and happy that u liked it..

  7. Amazing. Extremely well expressed.