Saturday, August 27, 2011

Just go...

Good byes are heartless
Valedictory words are needless
Hugs and kisses seem soulless
Handshakes appear juvenile
So Just go..

Do not linger  for last glance
Or fumble for explanations..
For these are futile gestures
of something that never nurtures,
So just go..

Don’t brood over my plight
There would come a day
When your image fades
and withers from my mind…
Until then just go..

There would come a day
When I can overlook you in a crowd..
When I can stare into your eyes and smile
Without a pang or missing a beat
And walk away as mere stranger..
 until that day just go..

As you did today...!


  1. heart touching.... well done... :-)

  2. Touching lines expressing anguish.Beautiful indeed.

  3. Hi Sneha thank you..

    @ Partha - Thank you sir.. this also is ending with a positive note.. :)

    @ Blue - glad u liked it..!!

  4. Nice! Liked the last para in particular- Strong.

  5. Very nice KP.. Last line is a surprise for me.. Didn't expect that :)

  6. Such kind of pain is difficult to bear. It takes a long time to get over it. Its tormenting.

    Beautifully written KP :)

  7. The last soul stirring! The tone of melancholy is well evident! Stirring piece KP dear:-)

  8. Dear KP, Very heart-felt words.Wonderful Work.Keep Blogging!.

  9. Hi Sameera – Thank you.. when life is strong words become strong too.. :)

    @ Anand – thank u.. everything looks doable in writing.. he he

    @ Bhagya – yep.. I can understand, thank you..

    @ Nasnin – Stirring huh? Glad it was conveyed in right amount.. thanks dear..

    @ Christy – thanks a lot.. your encouragements are a pep up!!

  10. Life is common. People are strong. Happy that you are one of them :)

  11. It was nice with positive thought and heart touching.. :-) ....

  12. A powerful one, I just loved it...

  13. Wow..that was good!! Indeed Good!

  14. KP,

    "...until that day just go..

    As you did today...!"

    That was a lovely build-up and the last line delivers a punch...the repetition of "just go" says the opposite "please don't go"...and of course, a type of catharsis...

    Keep writing!

  15. Hey Sameera – yea.. we all are strong aren’t we? We get to know that only during tough times..

    @ Little heart, Saru, Viyoma – thanks a lot..!!

    @ Aakash – Thanks for the support and encouragement, I guess I will..

    @ Arjun – Yes.. when we read again, it is kind of self-cleansing.. or like a child repeating to herself at dark, not to panic.. Nice angle of thoughts you have..!

  16. can feel the rage...
    beautifully done!

  17. INTENSE..... and heart reaching.

  18. Hey Magicye and Jojo - thanks a lot..!

  19. btw, that meant i liked it :) very touching...

  20. walk away as a mere stranger......after all the things that have transpired in the past, the hurt, the anguish.....
    beautifully worded ....that person must be so in say "just go"

  21. if at all it was that easy to go,..
    to ride the guilt,
    to confess the sin..
    to answer not the world, but self.


  22. Hi Chintan - Thanks for the visit.. Its a success if it touched you..

    @ Sujatha - yep.. thanks.. I think so too..!

    @ Aakash - wow.. thanks for the visit.. and that verse looks like a reply to the poem here..! very nice..!

  23. I can appreciate the sentiment that went into writing this....
    Never been good at "happy endings" myself.....
    The question is - do you really want that day to come??

  24. i dont know how i missed this one KP
    spellbound! loved it ..... and i mean it
    This is a classy one.. Keep going dear:)

  25. Hey Ankur - I wish i could answer positive.. but lets see..

    Hi Pygma - My personal critic.. I didnt know how u missed this either.. :) thanks a lot!