Friday, August 19, 2011

Splash of Colors

Emotions are hard to hide
Even harder to decipher
If only I could express myself in colors
I would be free of all the revulsion piled on me

My anger would be flaming orange..
Burning with vitality that washes away quickly..
For me peace and green go together..
Like the soft bristled meadow
Inviting to rest in peace..

My sorrow would be Grey
Resembling the stormy sky
Waiting to pour down and clear off
Yellow suits my passion
Bright with vigor of love and desire

Blue would symbolize my evil side
Like the miraculously calm deep sea 
hidden with inconceivable peril

Then I would be one black shadow
Filled with all the colors in the world
and yet again become
Hard to hide and
Even harder to decipher


  1. Colors and moods have close association.You have brought it out admirably well in your poem.
    I liked it.

  2. that you make a colorful you...
    nice one

  3. what'a colorful way of expression, loved the last paragraph...

  4. Lovely, dear KP...

    "Then I would be one black shadow
    Filled with all the colors in the world
    and yet again become
    Hard to hide and
    Even harder to decipher"

    interesting choice of colours: passion - yellow and not read; evil - blue instead of black...


    ps. btw, pls don't use "sir" with me...I am not that old...:)))))))

  5. eeeks...pls read that "read" as "red" typing is awful...:)))

  6. Terrific!! What a splendid blend of colours and emotions and expressions...I was relishing each line moving from one to other...the last stanza is profound and dense! Keep up the good work! And yes the picture is damn suiting!

  7. It's amazing.
    I have never read a poetry so dark yet so alluring :)
    Lovely Picture

  8. Wow! That was soo damn colourful! loved it KP :)


  9. Awesome KP... Enjoyed every line of it and loved the association of colors with every mood :)

  10. Hey Paratha – Thank you.. Ur comments are a great support and encouragement..

    @ SUB – He he thank you..

    @ Saru – Thanks dear..

    @ Arjun – Wow.. u are keen on details.. I chose them differently and very happy that the intention is conveyed…
    BTW it is not the age that makes me call u SIR it is the talent.. :)

    @ Nasnin – Awww… that is wonderful.. I feel so happy

    @ Smita – You are keen too.. to notice the shadow..! glad you liked it dear.

    @ Bhagya – thanks a lot dear..

    @ Anand – thanks for stopping by… and thanks again for your wonderful comment..:)

  11. Amazing post, KP. Beautifully written.

  12. Hi Aakash.. thanks for the visit and comment:)

  13. Great post. Great expression through colours.

  14. Hi Jojo.. it was just a try.. and glad u liked it!

  15. you draw with words and then color it too...
    love your blog.


  16. Hey Aakash - thanks for the visit!! and comment..!

  17. Hey Chintan - Aw..! why didn't I think of that...? I guess it depends on the mood.. Shadow in one and rainbow in other.. Nice insight! thanks a lot dear!

  18. Positively adored the coherence of ideas and the structure...
    Not many would have picked blue, as their evil color - sets it kinda apart.
    Would have loved to see more colors and your associated emotions !!

  19. Thanks Ankur.. for the profound insight too.. :)
    Let me see if I can write another one..! thanks a lot for the support!