Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Awkward moments.. - Part 2

After lot of thoughts I got yet another moment where I felt different..

Death is a very sad event, but Philosophically speaking is it not the exit from one knowing into the unknown world.. just like birth.. and according to Gita, if a man has lead a righteous life (that is karma..) then death makes us closer to the supreme power!

In a funeral, when I look at the dead person, and feel at peace just like looking at a sleeping child.
They (the dead) at that moment know what I don't now.. Some how they are superior to us, no matter how they led their life. Any way, back to where I left.. I don't know how to react.. no no what I am saying is that.. I don't know how to react when some one smiles at me in such a place, I try to smile.. but still look sad and end up with a funny reaction.. like a upward frown or a lopsided smile... :)

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Last time, when in my native I helplessly was made to attend one.... of a very old man. He had lived his life to the fullest and died. That was evident from his sons and daughter who were still mourning, the whole house was sad. I didn't know many people so I sat silently in a corner looking at others. Just then I was stunned to hear my mothers name being called out loud and a lady beside me... She was my mother's friend and had apparently forgotten my name, so called out my mother's name and was chit chatting with me in the middle of the house. She said I was looking much like my dad excepting my eyes, they are like mom's.. (What am I? harry potter!)

She indeed was genuinely pouring affection to her friends kid, I loved her too.. a very nice aunt!. But she forgot one thing the place.. I.. well.. couldn't react.. cause only thing in my mind was the place! I felt awkward...

This some how reminds me of a folk song kind of story my grand pa used to tell me, an event in a mourning house..

2 women walk into a house, where the husband had died.. on the way near the entrance, they see fully ripe bitter-gourd in the vine spread over the gate.. As many might know, "Oppari" is a funeral elegy.. where in sad words are expressed in a slow song kind of manner..

Women 1: "Panthalileee pavaikaa.." (I saw bitter-gourd in the entranceeeee....)
Women 2: "Pogumpo parikalam.." (We will takeeee, on our way homeeee)
Wife of the deceased:  "Vithukkalo vitirukku" (Left it for the seed.. pleaseee don't pluck it..)


  1. I guess, every situation requires decorum...I like your style of writing:)

  2. Thanks Saru! happy that u liked it! :)

  3. ha ha ha...the last incident was really are damn observant and yeah....whether we can smile or not in a funeral is a doubtful one...and immensely awkward..."like a upward frown or a lopsided smile"...that's the exact really expecting for a part 3 of Awkward moments!

  4. :D that last incident was really hilarious :D

  5. Hi Ketan - Thanks
    @ Nasnin - that is one awkward situation rite.. he he. Part 3 huh? pls dont put pressure on me.. and make me use my lazy mind! :D
    @ Ayushi - Welcome!glad u liked it! :)

  6. Very well expressed with a touch of humour.A keen eye for details, you have brought the scene vividly.The visitors after the initial show of commisseration tend to chat and even laugh ignoring the gloomy occasion especially if the departed soul happens to be a very elderly one.

  7. Hi Partha thank u! As u said, it becomes just another occasion when people gets bored of it..!

  8. Thankfully, am generally put on babysitting duty for my younger sis and cousins (if there) and i haven't yet got a chance to feel awkward. Except for of course when someone i was very close to passed away..but then that is a very diff situation.

  9. Oh lucky you.. :)
    Some peoples sorrow are other's amusement.. so we would be a observer in one occasion and in other would be the impacted.. u r rite!