Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pain killer

When I hold on to you
I feel hope.. that my pain will be gone..
When I touch you
My fingers feel cold.. Mingled with hope

When I feel you in me
I feel relieved off the pain
The throbbing and agonizing pain..
Little did I know that
you can soothe me only for the time being
and the pain would crawl up again and engulf me

Little did I know that
It is not the physical agony but
Something else that weighs me down

Little did I know that
the remedy is in me..

But unknown I walk and walk
Seeing remedy outside me..
How silly of me to wander
Looking for some thing that I already posses
The eternal cure of Self realization..!


  1. Beautiful self realization. This is a very brilliant thought. This poem accentuates and brings the feeling to the next level. I love the phrase 'weighs me down'.
    I think we all must look inside for our happiness. :)

  2. good one KP! infact no one is alone.. u r always with soothe u, to pat u and to be with u.

  3. Hey Saru.. thanks dear.. but it is not so easy rite.. to look inside and realize.. :)

    @ Pygma - thank u. and yep u r rite.. we never get bored of our-self rite? :)

  4. "Looking for something that I already possess" for self realization...nice poem...may you writings pave the way for so many realizations for so many people...keep going:-)

  5. Oh Nasnin.. thanks a lot dear.. ur comments are so encouraging dear..!

  6. Excellent thought... great post!