Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Awkward moments.. - Part 1

The Elevator..

Not Listening!!!!

Ah! the elevator.. the magic passage to bypass the steps and sweat.. See.. as I said its magic.. Is that why people act weird inside them??

Me and my friend were speaking merrily waiting for the elevator, as we stepped in.. she stopped and stared ahead.. as we got down.. she proceeded from where we stopped.. I wondered why? and lost the conversation.. still I didnt get why!

People never look at the person next to them, even if they are acquainted.. I saw my colleague and smiled.. he gave me a meek smile.. I thought he didn’t recognize me.. or was it the elevator syndrome..?

Also another rule is never speak.. even if you do speak.. do it in hushed tone.. As human being we are not worried to bother others with out decibel in house or road or office or worst case even in temple.. But not in elevator.. we shouldn’t do that

There are 3 hot spots.. to look at..
  • Staring at the top.. and craning your neck to see the numbers and arrow.. and enjoy the moments of ecstasy that we are near the destination
  • Stare at the bottom.. the shoes..! keep staring at every ones shoes..
  • Or harmlessly at the button you pressed.. I guess the more we stare the faster it moves..
I get embarrassed every day encountering these moments! Why cant we be normal? And when I did try to act normal, I received a lot of weird glances irrespectively from many.. and some fish hook eye brow glances too.. (which I had seen only in movies..)

So I am learning and I TRY to act like I am working in NASA and ready to launch the rocket.. :)


  1. LOL... Even I can't understand why? Funny post:)

  2. he he he...it's funny...I experience this everyday at my apartment elevator, even the most acquainted people act weird, "elevator syndrome"...I liked that usage...enjoyed!

  3. @ Saru - happy that you liked it :)
    @ Nasnin - he he so.. you also feel awkward? do u have better remedy??

  4. my apartment elevator is small and so hardly few people can get in together...my office is also small, so everyone knows each other...luckily my regular experience with elevator is hardly awkward...:-)

    nice post...funny...

  5. Hi SUB thank you for visiting! :) lucky you.. at least you don't have to pretend silly like me.. he he

  6. I mostly look at the top of the lift where you can see on which floor you are or the buttons or floor (not at shoes though). But I never look at anybody....they may feel awkward or take it in a wrong way (specially in case of boys:P). Because when I see anybody looking at me I don't feel comfortable at all. I feel there is something wrong with me.... Funny post.... :-)

  7. Hey Sneha.. same pinch..!
    Thank u for the comment!

  8. Yes it does get awkward in the elevator. Great observation. :)

  9. Oh.. it seems only we girls feel so.. the guys seem to contradict..!

  10. Hari: LOl.. Its true ..nice post KP...