Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The News

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 The morning Newspaper and a cup of hot tea was always the favorite for Mr. Jeevan. Every morning started off the same way… that day was not new too.. his wife Jamuna brought him a hot cup of tea, he had a sip and started off with the news. In the third page was a small tabloid with a photo of a boy. The photo striked him. He kept looking keenly at the small passport size photo musing to himself, “Where have I seen this guy?” .

Suddenly he got it, he has seen the guy with his daughter and was told that he was her classmate. Jeevan got shocked and curious.. he went on.. the news said, that the guy was a super Romeo, who would make young girls to fall in his trap and get money from them frequently saying many reasons about his parents illness and so on. He was arrested yesterday evening after a father of a victim complained that his daughters gold chain was missing and he was suspicious about a guy whom he has seen with his daughter. Upon enquiry by the police the boy confessed and would be produced to the court on Friday

Jeevans heart raced, he called out his daughter… Vani… vani… come down… she did not respond… he raced into her room, Jamuna who was in the kitchen came running on hearing her husbands angry voice.. normally Jeevan seldom gets angry… and had never ever scolded his daughter.. She ran upstairs to her daughters room, to find a shocked Jeevan stand there and a letter in his hand… She sensed what would be in it, and went slowly near him, her throat went dry and tears came rolling down her cheeks... She looked at the letter. It said "Dad I am sorry...!"She cried out loud, he was silent, shocked and shattered.. he sat down on the bed and kept gazing at the letter. He never spoke..

Down in the hall.. the news paper lay still at the same place where it was placed and boys face in the paper shone.. But what Jeevan failed to notice was the very next report in the paper about an unidentified dead body of a girl found in the railway tracks... and police doubting it to be a suicide.....

The father would find out what happened to his daughter... but Why she did that? Was it because of remorse..... or guilt....? He would never know.....


  1. Simply Superb.... Where & when u read this news... :)

  2. Nice kp ! the girl who comitted suicide was his daughter..?

  3. Yes Surya that is rite!!! and Satish.... nice joke :-)

  4. Outstanding.....

  5. Thanks Jojo.. that was one of my first attempt on stories..!

  6. Good one KP....

    Your stories have the ability to create the atmosphere the story requires.


  7. Thanks a lot Arjun for reading these.. feels great.. :)