Thursday, April 8, 2010

Another train……!

This time we all had a good laugh!!!
I travel from my place to Beach station and from there need to get a train to Truvanmiyur, normally we would be needed to get the train from next platform or sometime the train in which we came will itself will go to Truvanmiyur, the announcement will reach us slower than the train, so it is always better to run and catch the next train…!

One such day the train stopped in platform 8 and we all both ladies and gents ran to platform 6 and caught the train and a big fight broke out in ladies compartment for seats for them and their friends (who may come and catch the train slowly). I sat near the window and to all our dismay the train from which we ran and got down was the first one to start!!!...... now again every one ran from this train to that and caught the train on time to reach office on time…! Though this might sound funny at first… think… of the troubles it is causing to common people without a proper and timely announcements..!


  1. Glad you were able to catch the right train at the right time.

  2. No more mess with train now Jojo.. shifted my house.. BTW did i tell that I am struggling with Bus now? :)