Monday, June 28, 2010

Kadha Thudarunnu...!!

Director:       Sathyan Anthikad
Producer:     Thankachan Emmanuel under the banner of Trueline Cinema
Music:          Maestro Illayaraja
Cast:            Jayaram, Mamtha mohandas, K P A C Lalitha, Innocent,
                    Mumukkoya, Lakshmi Priya, Asif Ali, Sreejith Ravi etc
Lyrics:          Sarathchandra Verma
Camera:       Venu

I had many reasons for deciding to watch this movie, I am listing it down..(Office habit couldn’t control!!! ;-) so please don't care about the bullets)
• The 50th movie of the veteran director Sathyan Anthikad...
• The songs by Illiaraja were already chartbusters
• Jayaram and Sthyan team up has always been a hit.. remember....Bagyadevatha, Manasinakare, Yathrakarude srathaiku and so on...

That was why I was in the theatre on the day 2 of the release in Chennai...and went pretty early to the theatre so that I do not miss even a single bit... and after watching... well this is what I felt...

The plot of the story surrounds around the girl Vidhya lakshmi... who in spite her parents words get married to Shanavas a young Muslim pianist they live a happy life and have a 4 yrs daughter when Shanavas is accidentally killed by a gang of rouges who mistake him to be some one else... Now with no family and friends to support Vidhya is in street with her little daughter, and when at the verge of nothing left of to live, she meets Jayaram an auto driver who rescues her and takes her to the colony where he lives, and there she meets a bunch of people and realizes the worth of life and how money is not everything. The people in the colony help her to complete her education as a doctor and by this time Jeyaram has failed in love with her. By this time any one in the theatre would have guessed the climax and no.... that is when the twist of the movie occurs.......

If we are going to watch this movie with lots of expectation for a Sathyan anthikad movie which will always have reality blended with nature and good hearted people, then we are in for a great shock here...the movie does not satisfy an ardent Sathyan fan. By the end of the movie we wonder if a director with such a caliber can create something like this with such a loose ended plot and story line.. In the first one hour the happy life of Vidhya and Shanavas is shown. Asif Ali (of Rithu fame as Shanavas) has done his part very well as a bubbling husband... but Mamtha seem not to comprehend with it and well...!!! she looks more older than him.

The first one hour drags a lot and only thing that made me sit was an expectation for the film to go well atleast in the latter half and the beautiful song(Aaroo....)by Hariharan. When the husband dies, I and everyone in the theatre felt relieved that at least now the film will go forward but ALAS!! that did not occur....

The Heroine had to go through a great ordeal where in she has no one to go to and suffer with her child... most of the scenes of her sufferings reminds us of the "Pursuit of Happiness" but the director couldn’t evoke the sympathy in us like Pursuit.... we get to wonder how the heroine is able to dress up and do make up this nicely even at this bad condition of staying in the railway station... (even her hairstyle in intact...!!!!) As we see the introduction of Jayaram... I let out a Sigh WOW! at least now the story will gain momentum... but there again the story seem to wander like in the scene where the heroine attends interview... and the interviewer misbehaving to her and suddenly she is showed as medical final year student...(what interview did she attend in that concern then?) and some of scenes shows that she understands Jayarams love towards her but she seem to act wired, and we get wierd too... and no sympathy arises for the hero(Jeyaram) who believes in horoscopes and waits for her to come back... She may come back.. But will the audience??? ... anyway i wont! :-)

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