Saturday, July 24, 2010

What is your conception of a Wife!!!

I have this tendency to ask questions to my friends... just like that... to make them think!!! and also I love the funny answers I get.. ;-)
So yesterday i asked some of my friends (Guys..!) What exactly is their conception of a Wife or of their future wife...!!!
The replies were great,

Friend 1 : Hey i want her to understand me and LOVE me. She can have her own opinion on every thing but on deciding a thing by the end if i am rite she should accept that happily??? (WOW that is so nice my friend..!! but finding a gal like tat would be a real tough act.. All the best for that!)

Friend 2: She should be very intelligent... should know to take care of herself and contribute herself in decision making of the house... (I can virtually see a first bencher getting married to another!! no offence to him.. he did really value the rights of a girl!!! hope he does not change in the future!!!)

Friend 3: She should do what i tell her!! shouldn't pester me...! (Oh.. tat is tough.. coz he would require a time machine to go back to the 70s or 80s to find his gal!)

Friend 4: See Kp... she should be like this..! in the morning if i stand straight then she should come and button my shirts then when I come home and sit stretching my legs she should massage my legs! when i clap my hands coffee should be ready... (I really don't know what to say about this!!!)
I had no strength to ask to any more people so i wound up with this!! :-) All i can saw is GUYS humph...!!!


  1. Hi,

    You should have posted our great friend R.....L's expectation...Perhaps did u think you could post another thread on it :-) ?

  2. LOL... I can only imagine what other answers you would have received had you kept asking.

  3. Oh.. Ya..!!! They never know what they exactly want.. and will keep thinking this is what i need..! finally when they get it... They say I am bored with my life and nothing works out well :-P

  4. Hmmm.. i would have slapped your last frnd for that answer... it's despisable!

  5. Chill.. Jojo! I think he was just playing.. else, he is in for a big trouble in future..