Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Finally I met him..

A confession of a little girl who did not like her brother on the first sight itself!!! Then it occurred...

Finally I met Him… After growing up with him for 15 yrs… finally I knew what a brother is..

First Sight:
I was just 3 yrs when I first saw him, wrapped in a white towel in my mother’s hands, my mother was tired and in hospital, but some thing made her very happy, I sensed it was him. I looked at him he was darker than me, but when he smiled there was 2 little dimples in the cheeks which made him look angelic. Every one said that he looked exactly like my father. But I never felt it. My mother called me near her and introduced him to me, “Deepa, this is your brother Manu…”. I didn’t like him. All of a sudden he grabbed my finger, I felt like pushing him and running away. My dad smiled and said, “See Deepa, he likes you already…” and went to lift Manu in his hands. He is snatching every one and everything from me. I have lost the lime light, the popularity, the position as my parent’s only daughter and every thing... Every one coming to visit us has Ceralax and baby dress in their hands instead of the chocolates and biscuits for me. My mother sent me to sleep with my dad in another room as my brother is sleeping with her. I felt longing to be my parents beloved again… Just me!!!

As we grew:
As we grew up his pranks became out of bounds, and when ever I shout at him, my mother would come and scold me, I never share anything with him, not even a chocolate… even if I felt full, I wouldn’t give it to him… My mother scolded me for that also…I felt irritated at every one. Some times I wondered if I am their adapted daughter, and he their real child… When ever I see him near me, I start shouting and crying, so that some how my dad will scold him and that made me happy..!!!

One day it occurred… I came to know the real meaning of Love and affection of a brother… On that day… I was 18 then and he was 15yrs old. I had my evening tuition in Anna nagar.. I went there by bus.. But in the evening due to some problem… there was no bus.. I had no phone or money to call up my house… it was already 8 and I was helpless standing there in the bus stop alone.. There were few rouges nearby singing and dancing.. my heart started to beat fast, I wanted to cry.. My Dad was out of town… so, I couldn’t even hope that he would come and pick me up.. Tears came welling down my eyes.. Just them an auto came and halted in front of me, I looked inside to see my brother. I felt that God had sent him to me, I cannot even imagine what would have happened if he didn’t have turned up at that very moment.. I got into the auto, but couldn’t control my tears, he looked at me puzzled and gave me a chocolate.. I took it and gave half to him, he smiled and said I had it sissy, U eat… I smiled at him for the first time in my life .. a genuine smile of love.. I thanked God a hundred times for giving such a brother.. such a wonderful brother.. and Thus after 15 years of growing up with him, I found him and I found out what a brother really is..!!!

First Sight - His Version…
My mother always tells me that I grabbed Deepa’s fingers the moment I saw her… it was some miraculous brother hood according to my mother… So, I opened my eyes for the first time and I was introduced to my family… My mother, my father and my sister Deepa… She was a part of my family.. it got registered in my mind as soon as I was born, She was just 3 yrs older than me… and was always grumpy and angry… I sensed that she didn’t like me… But I liked her.. she was my sister.. every time we fought my mom used to scold her, but mom calls me aside and tells not to fight with her… But poor Deepa she never knew it. She thought parents favored me more than her.. but she never knew or saw how much we all loved her.. Every time she went out to tuition or friends house I used to panic if she didn’t come home with in the said time.. and when she comes back if I ask her as of why she is late.. she thinks I am bossing over her..! and shouts at me..

Then one day, she went to school and tuition, Dad was out of station and she did not return on time, mom panicked more and that was the time of no mobile phones…!! So I went in search of her.. she was standing in the bus stop as I expected and looking very tensed.. she was close to tears or was she already crying? When she saw me, I felt like he faced brightened up.. I don’t know what happened on that day.. but after that she was my beloved sister, who shares every thing she gets with me.. and she even supports me if my parents scold me… we used to discuss a lot on our ideology, thoughts, higher studies and knowledge and so on.. she even knows my gal friend now (that I am 20)… she says that she will talk to parents about it… After all What else is a sister for?? :-)


  1. The sweetest relation of all times..... that of a bro and sis.......
    great post! emotions well worded.

  2. Ah.. finally some one read it..! thanks Jojo.. I hope my brother is happy now!