Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Dream...!

I was walking and walking in a long tunnel with no light any where... I seem to have completely lost my way.. I could sense the dampness of the soil and hardness of the small gravels under my legs... But I am tired.. My legs are failing me.. A cry from my mother seem to be reverberating all over the place. I want to be with her console her not to cry.. but did not know how... A faint hope made me walk again towards the voice.

With out light I am walking and walking there seem to be many twist and turn in the path, I fell down many times, yet I am still walking. I could have stopped any time and sat there in the tunnel and let the darkness engulf me.. But the hope of light at the other end seem to draw me towards it.. Ah! there I see a light I started to run towards it.. the more it get closer the more it moved away from me.. Finally when I reached, it was just a reflection of light from some where else.. It was a false light just like a mirage in desert which forces us towards it with an anticipation for life...

I sat down and cried and longed for any body to take my hand and guide me to goodness... I wondered If God really existed...! I wished every thing would end now.. that the tunnel would collapse on my head and relieve me off the pain and suffering... But nothing happened.. A drop of my tear fell in my hand, and in the tear I saw my family.. me my mom, dad and brother smiling and laughing happily. I got up and started walking again.......

When I woke up from the dream or per say the nightmare I felt relieved.. But thinking again now.. I feel THIS IS MY LIFE!!! This is what I am doing I keep walking.. Hoping for some light in my LIFE... I keep on WALKING...........!