Monday, December 13, 2010

Dear Friend...

Yesterday one of my best friends called me... (it was not a surprise coz we both communicate once in a while) But her voice was a bit concerned and enquired about my health(Now that surprised me..! that too when I am safe and sound ;-) )... I said I was fine and asked her why she seem to be this concerned.....

"Oh nothing dear... I kept opening your blog once in a while and you seem not to have updated it for such a long time.... so i was concerned... " were her exact words...

I felt like "WOW" what a great friend I have...

So, this is for HER..

Thank you my dear FRIEND for caring this much for me.. :-)


  1. Hi KP....!
    That was very nice. Best wishes foe U and UR friend....!


  2. It always feels good to have friends who are so caring and supportive. Great to hear of your friend too. :)

  3. yep.. hope she reads it Jojo and feels special.. for she is of the best..!