Monday, December 13, 2010

Escape to Nagala!!!

Escape to Nagala is about an official Team outing which occurred before few months.. I wrote this for my office Newsletter...! ;-)

On 7th Aug Offshore testing team, started off for a slightly different team outing to Nagala… located in the outskirts of Tamilnadu and touching the Andhra border..Nagala to be precise is a wonder that nature had kept away from the busy city dwellers… we felt that we could explore it a bit more so we set out as a team of 20 on the clear Saturday morning.. We reached Nagala by around 9 in the morning; the representatives from Ecologin, (the concern which organized the trip) gave us updates about the path and general instructions…

The first sight that welcomed us was that of a huge dam..With some difficulty we reached the top of the dam, just at the other side of the man made dam the nature welcomed us, with beautiful water, kind breeze and a spectacular view of trees and birds and butterflies… We started to walk amidst the small clearing which was made to be a path, in the mid of thorny bushes…

Till that day most of us knew how it would be to walk along with nature with only resonance of the gentle wind brushing the bushes, and no vroom… vroom of the vehicles, with out polluted air and with no direct attack from the sun.. it was a great experience.. But we couldn’t categorize it as soft trekking as it was challenging for all us to walk along side the deep water, slippery and pointed gravels or knee deep water(which was slippery enough that most of us, fell into the water.. Ofcourse Except ME!)
After some 2 hours long and tiresome journey, we reached our destination, of the small hill top with 2 streams and 2 huge ponds… the rest of the 2 hours were the deserved resultant for the tiresome journey through the forest.. The water replenished the lost energy in us, and drove away the tiredness.. We had lunch and some fun talks and started the down hill journey to reach the dam again by 5 or so… It wouldn’t be fair if I missed out about the 2 dogs, which guided us through out the journey to the top and back to the bus… they were so like our guides walking to and fro.. We thanked them with few chunks of food…


  1. Being close to nature is always a pleasure. :)

  2. Yes Jojo it was wonderful experience indeed..!