Thursday, November 11, 2010

What was that I felt?

What was that I felt.. when the truth rained on me...Was it "Eternal Bliss" though I knew the word the meaning was alien to me.. so I googled and got many explanations about Karma... Yoga and all.. But one line strikes me..

          "***Eternal Bliss would be something an enlightened person would experience***"

So what ever I felt was exactly eternal blisssss!!!!

Here is what happened, I thought a person knew me very well.. just like I knew myself.. and when I speak with this person.. I felt like I am standing in front of a mirror.. similar taste.. similar thoughts... and even similar feelings!!
What I felt because of this hypothesis was happiness, I felt cheerful in the presence of the person.. (as this person knew how to please me, make me happy and flatter me too!!) Then suddenly.. one fine sentence... a casual sentence told me.. that the person never knew me... (did not know me at all..:-)

First I felt sad and depressed.. but a few minutes of thought enlightened me.. and I am not sad any more.. :-D and that is the Eternal bliss according to me!!!!

I hope many of us have felt it this way at least once in life..? Do share it if u have....


  1. I felt eternal bliss the moment I realized my ex and I were not meant to be. It was a liberating moment for me.

  2. Wow.. freedom at last..! happy for you Jojo..