Friday, July 26, 2013

Does Silence speak?

"Hush.. dont cry.."
"You left me.. "
"But I came back for you!"
"Because you are the only one in this world, I connect with"
"Hmm.. "
"I missed you.. Did you?"
"Promise me something"
"Anything for you!"
"(Sob) Never ever.. go away like this"
"Never ever le leave m me.."
"I promise"
"No.. Never ever leave me with out a good bye"

Happy birthday
"Hey! happy Birthday dear"
"Thank you.. glad you remembered"
"How will I forget.."
"So.. what gift do you want from me?
"what can you give"
"Anything you ask!"
"Anything I ask?"
"   Yes!"
"Umm humm.. no I dont know"
"Oh ok.. So there is nothing you want from me now, is there anything you ever wanted?"
"Nope..  I am content.. I don’t want anything from anyone"
"I meant… me.. from me.."
"No.. nothing I can think of.."

"Come here"
"you are beautiful"
"Please stop"
"Your body... its mine.."
"Please stop speaking"
"Your curves drive me crazy.. come closer"
"Stop speaking for God Sake"
"Huh? Why???"
"Those words.. they trash what is between us.. you make it look.. you make it look pedestrian.. and..
“Infidel.. “
"Isnt it?"

"Hey you look upset, is there any problem?"
"Ya its my husband"
"Gosh mine too! He never listens you know, keeps shouting at me"
"hmmm.. that looks far better than the silent treatment I get"
"Oh bad that he treats you so.. but my condition is worse because I get up every day with headache and the wailing of my child"
"Hmm There is a child at least to forget worries, I don’t have even that! Sigh!"
"But without the child it is easy to walk away"
"Not so true.. kids are not and should not be the reason for being together"
"Ya that is right.. like in our case.. we do have kid but it is something else that bonds us together"
"I cannot think of any one else in my life either!!"
"I am so glad I had this conversation with you!"
"I  feel much better now"
"So Glad that I have you and I connect."
"Me too!"

"Do you like me"
"Of course I like you dear.."
"Do you think of me when alone"
"Do I excite you?"
"More than anything else"
"Do you want to spend the rest of your life with me"
"Yes.." May be
"Do you see us married in the future to each other?"
"Yes.." why not
"Do you love me?"
"Hmmm.. I don’t.. don’t  know.. Do you?"


  1. hey KP.. chords of reality strung together....!!!
    and guess what I hear a beautiful music...

    Hope you are doing good.
    Take care.

    1. Hello dear Surya!!!

      Thank you! Glad u liked it! and really happy to see you here!! :))

      I am fine! How are you!?!


  2. The turmoil inside...for not being sure about these fragile but strong emotions in our life :)
    I loved every scenario you put up over here! Reality >check :)
    Take care
    Keep smiling always!

    1. Hey dear Alcina!!

      Thanks a lot!!!

      I was trying my luck on something new! A plot with no history/gender or mood and let the silence generate meaning as per the mood of reader!!

      >Reality check!!
      Haha... I don't understand the context of this!! :))

      Take care dear!
      Keep smiling, thanks again!!


  3. Snippets of a conversation are the best way to bring out the essence of an emotion. Nice post!

    A Grain of Sand

    1. Thank you Stuti!

      Nice it stuck a chord with you! :)


  4. Wonderful...loved the silences at every turn. They speak a lot than words, KP. Good one, KP. Loved this!

    1. Hey Cloud nine!! :)))

      Glad you liked it! And I liked your post about the cute angel in ur life!! :))

      Keep coming dear. Take care.