Sunday, June 16, 2013


When they talk.. I listen
When I listen.. I dont think
When I dont think.. I don't contemplate
When I dont contemplate.. I stop listening
When I stop listening.. I seek solitude
When in Solitude.. I feel peace
When in peace.. I get disturbed
When disturbed.. I see populaces
When I see people.. They talk
When they talk.. I listen...

In a closed conversation conduit..
where scrutiny is raped..
I shrug away as a wallflower
afraid to hurt.. to lose
petrified to think.. to respond
anxious to reply.. to love
but end up a recluse...
a tête-à-tête of life.. verses
a denounced futile locution..


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Pranav! It is not very often that I get appreciated on a frustrated outburst..! :P

  2. Liked it!

    I am trying to imagine two people having this point of view...both "afraid to lose, petrified to respond"...

    At times, the failure of relationships is like that, right? We like to think that the other is different from us...if we think they might be the same, then one might feel less afraid to respond, right?

    But then...the chemistry might be best if two people live with a bit of friction...if there was no fear or anxiety, then it might feel dead...

    Just my rambling thoughts...:-)))

    1. Hello Dear Arjun,

      Thanks a lotttt!! :))))))).. please do ramble away a lot in here.. I like it!!

      You just gave a new angle to it.. and i am thinking if I did add a bit of tangy taste to it it would become a good romantic poetry.. (although that is not what you have meant here)

      But ".if we think they might be the same, then one might feel less afraid to respond, right? " then wouldnt it be more disappointing later than being less afraid for now?

      But i agree to what you said.. and yes.. a little bit of friction does wonders.. but but do you agree that there might be more wear and tear later on if the friction increases.. also friction between partners leads to chemistry but between friends (lets say of same gender) leads to fallout..!! you agree?

      Thanks a lot of reading this.. for your encouragement and affection..


  3. You know, though these might be just your thoughts, they do make an interesting theory about conversation cycles. I can't explain how, but it makes complete sense to me.

    1. Hello Brendan.. thank you for the visit and the comment..!!

      Well yes..! like Arjun pointed out in the above comment.. we are all similar in one way or the other.. so i understand and happy that it made sense to you!

      Keep visiting and giving your thoughts.. - KP

  4. " I shrug away as a wallflower..." so lovely KP. Beautiful poem:)